Busting Out of My Comfort Creature Shell: The Year of New

I’m declaring 2013 the Year of New. Previously, I’ve spent the last day of the year thinking of aspects of my life (mainly body) I’d like to change. 

Run 2011 miles.

Lose 30 lbs.

Run a full marathon.

I never fully achieved the above goals…

I ran about 800 miles in one year.

I lost 40 lbs, but gained nearly all my weight back after a few stressful months.

And I dropped down to a half marathon after I quickly realized my body wasn’t ready for a full marathon.

But this year, I plan on doing something different. And by doing new activities and eating new foods, maybe I’ll end up losing that weight and keeping it off. Because I’ll be happier, healthier, and less stressed.

Overall, I want to become a better-rounded person. It’s very easy to get caught up on aspects of your life that are familiar. For example, do any of these sentences ring a bell?

  • You order the same sandwich for lunch at the same restaurant each week.
  • You watch the same movies over and over again.
  • You read books from only the same author.
  • You bring the same wine (Sangria or Moscato) or make the same an appetizer to every function (Buffalo Chicken Dip).

All of those sound like me…You see, I’m becoming a bit of a comfort creature. 

This is a real comfort creature.
Google told me so.

But in 2013- I want to eat new meals, watch new movies, read new books, and explore recipes beyond buffalo chicken dip.

I want to experience newness each month.

Each day.

I’m still creating my “list of new” but here is what I’ve developed so far:

  • Cook dinner one night per week (a new habit for me).
  • Learn new workout programs such as yoga, cycling, and swimming.
  • Try a different wine and beer each month.
  • Eat dinner somewhere new once a month.
  • Watch at least one film from another country.
  • Read four books about another culture or country.
  • Order one new piece of jewelry from another country.
  • Try a different coffee drink each month.
  • Listen to a new music artist each week.
  • Buy one piece of new artwork for our house this year.
  • Shoot a new gun. You’re welcome, Justin.
  • Buy a new pair of boots each month. Just kidding, Justin…or am I? Muh ahahahaha (Dr. Evil laugh).
  • Travel to four new cities. And do something fun at each new destination!
  • Run 5-6 new (organized) races this year. 
  • Donate to a new charity each month (part of my Year of Random Acts of Kindness).

I’d love to get your ideas for something new for me in 2013! Share your ideas below, comment on Facebook, or tweet me back with inspiration for the Year of New!

I’m so excited to see what 2013 brings for you and I.

Maybe you’ll join me? 

This is what I look like right now.
Extreme bedhead.

So I better skedaddle and get moving…

Because I desperately need a shower.

And a new hair do.

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Busting Out of My Comfort Creature Shell: The Year of New

  1. Hey ash,
    If you haven't taken a cycle class be prepared! It's a great workout! I feel like it is such a change up from running that I get more out of breath during cycle than when I run. Now this all depends on the instructor but they are fun classes. I think I may follow your lead with trying something new this year! It's a great plan!
    P.S. Your butt is going to hurt after cycle lol

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I've heard great things about cycling, but I've always been nervous to go alone! I hope you do follow my lead and join me! Happy New Year!!

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