I Need a Plan

I’m a planner.

It’s in my DNA.

I’m notorious for asking, “What’s our game plan!?”

I just need to know what to expect at all times (part of my control freak / perfectionism ways).

My “game plan ways” are especially true when it comes to eating.

I will wake up at 8 a.m.and NEED to know what I am eating for lunch and dinner.

“What sounds good for dinner tonight, babe?” I will ask Justin while getting ready for work.

“Ashley- it’s 6:45 in the morning!” Justin will say. “Let a man eat breakfast first.”

“So, how does Sushi sound?” I ask ignoring his comment. 

With all of these Patty Planner habits of mine, I’m amazed that I don’t have a “game plan” for my meals.

I was chatting with my friend Ashley, who hit her lowest weight since freshmen year of high school. Boom. By the way- so proud of you, Ash.

Anyway, I discovered that my biggest problem is that I don’t plan out my meals.

I am talking about sitting down on a Sunday morning, writing out my week of meals and snacks, and then going grocery shopping.

Making a plan.

Writing it out.

And most importantly, sticking it out!

So tomorrow, I have a plan to make a plan. 

Let’s do this!

Do you plan out your meals?

What does next week look like for you!?

I’d love to hear your recipes or any advice.

Much love,

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