The Result of a 1,160 Calorie Black Bean Burger

I kept my word and created a meal plan for the week.

I was even more inspired to create my meal plan after I had a 1,160 calorie BLACK BEAN BURGER! I’m serious, you guys. TGIF’s black bean burger (without a side) has 1,160 calories.

I nearly signed up for a full marathon on the SPOT. 

And sodium? Let’s not talk about how the burger had 2,350+ milligrams of sodium!

Not to mention, I instantly had buyers regret…I could have ordered a bacon cheeseburger and had less calories.

That’s jacked. I felt so betrayed!

So anyway, meal planning (and stalking calories BEFORE I order) will hopefully help me keep my calories, diet, and emotional eating on track!

Breakfast- Special K
Lunch- Jimmy Johns #6 veggie sandwich (no mayo!!) and leftover couscous
Dinner- sausage and potatoes
Snacks- fiber bar, fresh fruit, cottage cheese
Breakfast- Special K
Lunch- sausage and potatoes
Dinner-turkey meatloaf, cauliflower mashed potatoes andgreen beans (I am making this ALL on my own via my Year of New plans! Wish me luck!!)
Snacks- fiber bar, cottage cheese, carrots with hummus
Breakfast- Special K
Lunch- turkey meatloaf and leftover veggies
Dinner- ranch pork chops and steamed broccoli and salad
Snacks- fiber bar, veggies with hummus  

Breakfast- Special K
Lunch- pork chops and salad
Dinner- shrimp enchiladas
Snacks- fiber bar and veggies with hummus
Breakfast- Special K
Dinner- whole wheat pasta with olive oil and grilledchicken, asparagus, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese
Snacks- cottage cheese, fruit and fiber bar

I’ll let you know how everything goes…

Message me on Facebook, tweet me @AshleySieb, or email me if you have any ideas or recipes for next week! A special thank you to those who’ve already sent me their meal planning ideas and recipes. 

Much love,

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