Pregnancy Symptoms + Ashley

Welcome back!” Justin told me this afternoon. “I am happy to see you awake and moving.”

Awake and moving– those are two interesting concepts these days.

I’m blessed to say that my number one pregnancy symptom is fatigue. Maybe I shouldnt‘ use the word “blessed” because my on-the-go personality is going crazy with a 7 pm bedtime.

But honestly, I probably needed this rest.

My body definitely needed the rest.

And so did my marriage. I forgot how much I love just laying around with Justin. Nothing to do except for snuggle up and debate who killed Allison on Pretty Little Liars. 

Anyway, I am lucky to say that I’ve had little to no morning sickness.

I haven’t thrown up once!

A few times I’ve felt nauseous, but I drank some water and tried to eat a few crackers. If that doesn’t work, I just take some TUMS and fall asleep. 

Friday evening was the worst. I had heartburn from eating spicy soups at work earlier in the day. The only thing that sounded good was a grilled cheese, campbell’s chicken noddle soup, and a Sprite. Thankfully Justin went to the store and whipped me up a dinner perfect for someone with the flu.

Saturday I tuned into a bear in hibernation! I truly slept / laid around watching the rest of Pretty Little Liars (yes, I’m addicted). The only time I got up and moving was around 6 pm. I went to pick up my pre-natal vitamins. Justin also called and asked me to pick up some lemons for my blueberry-lemon water. 

Of course, I ended up picking up two bags of chips, chip dip, cake mix, icing, and stuff to make rice crispy treats. I’m happy to report that I didn’t eat all of these foods for dinner. Instead, I spent the night baking for the Super Bowl festivities.  

So in terms of craving, nothing has really taken over my life. I can tell you that the thought of Taco Bell makes me want to vomit on the spot. And my favorite snack is Special K cereal

So let’s talk about mood swings. Yes, I have them. And sorry for anyone who has been in my path during one of my breakdowns- I’m sorry...there is probably more to come.

I am usually a pretty emotional person, but now I find myself crying at more things than usual. 

I cried at the end of the Butler game a few weeks ago. I don’t even follow college basketball. I can’t name a single player on the Butler team.

I cry during EVERY Hallmark commerical. 

I cried when I saw a man running with his dog. Seriously- just a normal dog. And a normal guy. But they looked happy, so I cried. Maybe it’s because I miss running (it’s hard to run when you are sleeping).

I cry when I don’t know what I want to eat. Or when nothing sounds good. Or if I see a sign for Taco Bell.

I cried when I heard a Lady Gaga song on the radio the other day. I have no clue where she is and that makes me sad. 

Anyway, here is your recap:

  • I’m a sloth.
  • I haven’t spent one evening beside the toilet
  • I’m obsessed with figuring out who killed Allison from Pretty Little Liars. 
  • Taco Bell makes me want to curl into a ball and cry.
  • Because I cry about everything.

My doctor has been listed as “high risk” still– so that means I’m visiting them for an ultrasound and doctor visit every two weeks. I’ll explain more tomorrow. Don’t fret- I‘m doing just fine and Nemo is definitely growing like a tumbleweed!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Symptoms + Ashley

  1. love this wish i was you!! I can officially say this baby has been the best. Always remember ginger ale or tea.. or the supplement they do wonders and they are all natural and make you skin pretty lol .. I'm so happy for you !! cant to read and see more!!! So happy for you, you an amazing person from your word to your heart!! You little ones will have the same!! love you cuz ,

  2. Thank you, Brittany! I've heard amazing things about Ginger Ale. I need to jump on that train soon! haha! Hopefully you and your little one continue to do well. xoxo!

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