It Finally Happened

Well guys, it finally happened.

I ate something that baby Sieb hated..and as a result, I rushed to the bathroom!

It happened last night.

We had a happy hour event after work, and I was struggling to stay awake.

Thankfully, my Shirley Temple gave me a sugar rush to keep my eyes open!

Anyway, I was super hungry and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat (per usual).

All of the appetizers sounded like heart burn and a tummy ache, so I had my coworker pick our app.

He went with Irish Nachos: steak fries with cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

It makes me want to puke just describing it…

I had two bites and Nemo was pissed.

I rushed to the bathroom and collapsed to the ground. No one was in the bathroom at the time, so that was a plus…

Then (stop reading if you have a sensitive stomach), I looked over at the wall and saw what appeared to be poo smeared on the wall.

That’s it.

It all came up…and the door opened up.

Wonderful, I look like a drunk girl who can’t keep it together at 6 pm.

My makeup was running down my cheeks and my eyes were watering. My throat was burning.

I looked in the mirror:

“This is real life,” I said.

And then I realized the girl next to me lot only thinks I am drunk…but also crazy for talking to myself.

I fixed my makeup, popped in a piece of gum, and ordered 4 more large waters…

Pregnant or not, I don’t think anyone should eat pico de gallo on fries.

Consider yourself warned.

Much love,

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