Fatter vs. Cuter

I was walking out of the office yesterday and said goodbye to my friend Jami.

“Well, maybe on Monday I’ll be fatter!” I said patting my stomach.

“It’s not fatter, Ashley,” Jami said.

“Cuter?” I suggested instead.

“Yes!” Jami said. “You’ll be even more radiant than you already are today…”

She made me smile.

You guys know I’m terrified about gaining a ton of weight with this pregnancy.

EVERYONE has that number on the scale that just terrifies them.

Disclaimer: This is a stock photo . I am not this pregnant yet.

And beyond a number, I just want to remain healthy and fit during my pregnancy so that I can be the mom I’ve always wanted to be…active, fun, and ready to tackle 5ks together with my little nugget.

When I went in for my first consultation in November (not pregnant at the same), I weighed 239 lbs.

On January 7, I had my first doctor’s appointment. I was five weeks at the time and weighed 236 lbs.

I went back for my 8 week check-up and I was still 236 lbs!

I’ve been trying to get out of the mindset that “I am eating for two!”

That’s a very dangerous outlook….

I know that I only need about 300 extra calories a day. So I’m sitting around 1,600 calories a day.

I’m trying to pick healthy snack options like Special K cereal, popcorn, or fresh fruit. Let’s be real – sometimes the cookies and cheese dip win. BUT not always, which is good.

Last week, my boss came down to my desk and said this out of no where, “Ashley, you’re pregnant. I don’t want you to see you stressing about gaining weight…”

I’m thankful that he took the time to remind me that I will gain weight. And that’s normal…

On that note, I can’t tell you how AMAZING it is to have a supportive work family. Makes a huge difference…

Anyway, I’ve decided I need to stop using the word “fat.” 

I’m cutting the word out of my vocabulary.

And I’ll replace it with the word “cute.”

But I am still determined to remain as healthy and active as possible throughout this pregnancy, especially once I get my energy back!!

This is also NOT me.
Number one, I don’t live by a beach.
Number two, I plan to run in pants / tights.
Number three, I will wear shirt that will avoid a boob or two flopping out.

So ladies and gents, bring on the baby weight…

In moderation, of course.

Much love,

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