Happy Belly, Happy Baby

Are you sick of me blogging about pregnancy yet?

Sorry I’m not sorry.

It’s all that consumes my mind these days…and we all know weight loss is completely out the door at this point.

Today, I had my first fitting room melt breakdown at Target.

I didn’t throw a huge fit or even cry.

So perhaps the term “meltdown” is dramatic.

Instead, I just starred in the mirror- completely frustrated and overwhelmed.

Maybe it was the dress that didn’t fit right and gave me back fat. Meh!

Maybe it’s the cramps I’ve been having all day long.

Or maybe it’s the lack of caffeine and constant fatigue that owns my soul.

I put the dress back up and headed toward a different section of the store: the maternity section.

My good friend Mel told me about Bella Bands, which allow you to “flaunt your bump and keep your pants up.”




I tweeted last Friday that I really need new leggings or pants because walking around the office with pants buttoned is probably an HR violation. 

Good thing we don’t have a formal HR department…

So here I am…blogging away with my Bella Band wrapped around my tummy.

I think Nemo likes the new comfort around his / her home.

Happy belly, happy baby….

And happy mama! 

Much love,

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