April 17- Save the Date!

Well, the number on the scale isn’t terrible. I didn’t get a definite view (because I’m so tall and the digital scale is too low).

I’m in the 240s…my first appointment I was 238.

So first trimester weigh in is less than 10 lbs gained! I’ll take it!!! My doctor and I are hoping that I gain between 25-30 lbs.

Anyway, enough about weight. I’m not stressing about that darn scale. I’m growing a baby and that’s amazing.

The doctor walked in and she busted me eating a banana.

“Hey, it could be a lot worse,” she said. “Now, if it was a candy bar…I might be giving you a different lecture. But a banana- that’s just fine!”

I’m jumping ahead here…BUT I wanted mac and cheese so desperately bad after my appointment…. and guess what? I passed it up for a fresh salad. Bam.

Anyway, Baby Sieb kept wiggling and moving and dancing while she was trying to find the heart beat….

She kept smiling while she was searching. They probably teach doctors that in Med School….

It’s the same concept as parenting…if you act scared, your child will act scared and become afraid too!

Soooo one of us had to stay positive.

“Baby is playing tricks on us today,” she said.

“Oh, did you hear that?!” she asked. “That was Baby moving!”

After Baby Sieb had a solo dance party in the womb that seemed to last four hours (okay maybe 2 minutes), we finally found the heart beat!

138 beats per minute!

Perfectly normal.

And she said my belly was growing and measuring with what it should too!

Finally, she scheduled my ultrasound (the big gender reveal ultrasound) for April 17th! That’s a Wednesday. In case you want even MORE details, my appointment is at 10 am.

Someone (and by someone – I mean Justin) needs to hide my phone so I don’t instantly share online with you guys the gender of our baby!

I want to surprise you guys some how…..

Hmmm, I am sure I’ll come up with something creative 🙂

PS Don’t forget to take the gender poll on my blog! So far, the majority of you think Baby Sieb is a girl!

What do we want to have?

A healthy, happy baby!

That’s our only request. 

Much love,

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