A Lesson in Food Cravings

Maybe it was the rain.

Or perhaps the long week at work.

But I got home and crawled straight into bed.

I haven’t gone to the gym all week. Although, we did walk / run with Bandit most every night because the weather has been wonderful.

But deep down, I knew I needed the exercise.

I’ve never regretted a workout.

And the first steps out the door are always the hardest.

So I pulled the covers off my lazy body, and climbed into my workout clothes.

While on the elliptical, I was watching The Food Network (always a bad idea).

Then a commercial for Popeye’s chicken came on…

Here is how the rest of my workout went:

I need some mashed potatoes. 

With gravy.

Oh no!

Wait, I want chicken strips.

From Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Do they have good ranch dressing?!

I think so.

What if I got popcorn chicken instead?

Oh my gosh. 

Pop-corn chicken is the best invention ever.

And I think KFC has good ranch dressing.

If not, it’s fried chicken – it’s good plain!

(Look at the timer)

12 minutes 25 seconds left.

You can make it to 15 minutes.

That’s good enough.

Then you’ll leave the gym and KFC is right by your house!

Well, close enough.

I guess I could get green beans.

That’s healthy, right?

I hope they have bacon in them.

No, I just want popcorn chicken.

FINALLY – 15 minutes!

I jumped off the elliptical- cleaned it off- and walked out the door to my next destination.

But instead of pulling in the drive thru and wasting 500+ calories (410 calories on the chicken and 140 on ranch), I went home.

And enjoyed some fresh fruit.

Take that fried chicken balls of heaven!!!

You see, the thing about food cravings is they pass.

They don’t last forever.

And often, you don’t even feel satisfied once you’ve gorged yourself.

You feel guilty.

And gross.

And mad.

So, I saved 500 calories AND enjoyed a delicious snack.

And I feel FINE!

Happy, even.

Stay strong.

And stay on track.


And most importantly, I will appreciate my dedication to eating healthy and working out once the baby is born!

Much love,

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