Carmel Marathon Update – Ready to Go!

On Saturday morning, I’ll be five months pregnant.

I’ll also join three beautiful ladies and hundreds of people running the Carmel Marathon.

We’re doing the marathon relay, which you might already know from previous blog posts.

My marathon relay team from October!
Jami, Me, Carla Jo, and Lindsay!

My leg is 4.2 miles. I’ll walk some, I’m sure.

But every single step I take, I’ll be thinking of Boston.

Here is an update I just got from the race organizer:

Subject line: Carmel Marathon Update- Ready to Go this Saturday! 

QUICK UPDATE: All systems are go for Saturday. You have all trained too hard and long to let those involved with the Boston situation get what they want; us to change our daily lives. We are runners and we will run on Saturday for our personal reasons that got us to this point AND NOW for all of our fellow runners and fans in Boston!

Prior to Boston, our plan included 96 police officers and 75 National Guard service men and womon on course and on the grounds. We have 20+ Ham Radio operators with special security privileges at every water stop with medical personnel.

We hope to have a special pin to wear in support of Boston at the Expo; stay tuneed for more details. Bib number assignments and final instructions will go out today.

We are ready and so are you!  We will see you this weekend to finish your goal!


Maybe you can run for 10 miles. Or perhaps you can only run for 10 seconds.

It doesn’t matter your pace or distance….

Go run for Boston today.


Much love,

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