Celebrating Courage


I’ve trained for five half marathons.

Once, just once, I attempted to train for a full marathon.

26.2 miles.

The distance was out of my league, so I dropped down to the half marathon.

I simply wasn’t prepared.

And deep down, I didn’t have the courage to conquer that distance.

Because at the end of the day…courage is what gets people to the start line.

And courage carries them through the finish line as well.

Today, we learned that courage bonds people together.

And I would argue that instead of focusing on the coward who committed such as a selfless, inhumane act of violence…we should focus on the courage of every single person who went to the Boston Marathon today.

The courageous runners, like my amazing friend Josh Dials.

The supporting spectators, like his lovely wife Meggie Dials.

The amazing volunteers, who filled the entire course. 

And in today’s situation, we celebrate the lives lost and people injured in today’s blast.

They are who matter.

Remember, it takes courage to run a full marathon. These people train for months and months to run such a prestigious event.

And it takes a coward to kill innocent people, and steal dreams.

I was in tears most of the afternoon.

Reading tweets.

Seeing awful pictures.

Watching videos.

Hearing stories.

I cried.

At my desk.

On my drive home.

And while watching the news on my couch.

My heart and prayers are with those hurting tonight after the Boston Marathon explosion.

As I was trying to come to peace with the situation, I came across this picture that many of my friends shared on Facebook.

A few moments later, I came across a tweet that said runners didn’t stop at the finish line…they kept running to the hospital so that they could donate blood.

The helpers.

When I reflected on the videos, I remembered watching people run toward the explosion.

The helpers.

When I saw pictures and videos, I remembered seeing people run back to help the fallen.

The helpers.

So today, I challenge you to pray (or send positive vibes) to those hurting and celebrate the courage of the Boston Marathon runners today.

And not only look for the helpers, but become a helper.

Much love,


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