Favorite Outfit Friday: May 31, 2013 (Johnny Cash Day)

I might change my “Favorite Outfit Friday” series to “Whatever Ashley Still Fits Into by Friday” – What do you guys think?

Every morning before I leave, I give Justin a kiss goodbye. Barely awake, he kisses me (sometimes missing my lips) and says, “You look so beautiful!”

Even though he has eye boogers and I know his eyes are half open, I always appreciate the compliment.

This morning, I leaned over and gave him a kiss. To my surprise, his eye widen and he said, “YOU LOOK LIKE JOHNNY CASH!”

Okkkk…sir. What does that mean?

“I mean, with all black like that!” he said, before I could ask if he was implying I look like a man.

Cute bow tie necklace!

You can’t even see the toilet behind me anymore!!!

“Well, thanks!” I said. “But I’m wearing black and DARK blue jeans!”

“Same difference,” Justin said.

I shake my head and begin walking downstairs as I shouted up to him, “HAVE A GREAT DAY!” 

And then, (obviously) he started singing his Johnny Cash voice, “And it burns, burns, burns -in the ring of fire.”

Much love,

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