Bigger and Bigger

Bam. Look at that belly. 

Speaking of belly, my wardrobe selection gets smaller by the second. I nearly cried tonight while trying on dresses and skirts that were once loose…

“Everything okay, baby girl?” Justin asked when he came upstairs. 
“Well, besides the fact that nothing fit me anymore…” I said. 
“You are almost 27 weeks pregnant,” Justin reminded me. “And you are going to get a lot bigger over the next few months.” 
Than this? 
How much bigger? 
“But you are seriously so beautiful,” Justin said and then kissed my forehead.
Thank goodness for a supportive husband!  
In other news, I presented at a marketing conference today!!!! 
I am writing a blog post to share the details + pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned. 
Much love, 

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