Favorite Outfit Friday: June 7, 2013

Girl look at the bump.

Girl look at that bump. 

I bump out. 
Now go back and read that like you’re singing, “I’m Sexy & I Know It.” 
Good news / news that slightly makes me panic…I am entering my final week of the second trimester!!! Next Saturday, I will be in my third trimester (ummm where did time go?!). 
I can’t wait to meet Cooper, but holy cow – I  am going to be responsible for a little life in 3 months. 
And as I write this, I am smiling for the first time today. A real smile. Not a fake one or a forced one. I had a bad day – literally went into a bathroom stale and cried at one. Not an emotional breakdown – just a giant sigh and a few frustration tears. Pregnancy hormones are no joke… 
But I am home. 
With my boys. 
And I am going to a Relay for Life event tomorrow to help fight cancer. 
Which reminds me that I am healthy…and alive. 
Speaking of alive, Cooper just kicked around in my belly. 
Another reminder of the joy and happiness life can bring if we don’t let our worries and stresses cloud our mind. 
Much love, 

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