(Early) Third Trimester Revelations

Cankles really do exist. I have them. And I imagine they will be way worse when walking around in Vegas  in 100+ degree weather. Hilarious t-shirt pics coming soon.

The Victoria Secret’s semi-annual sale is taking place right now. I’m about to stock up on classy granny panties.

Belly shirts are coming back. And I am participating in this trend if I don’t wear proper maternity clothes that are bump friendly.

Heartburn is now expected on a daily basis.

Sometimes I get stains on my shirt and I have no clue because I can’t see it.

Not everyone experiences the same pregnancy journey. By now, some people say that people can see their belly move + their significant other can feel the baby externally. We haven’t had that much luck, but I can feel Cooper moving around in there. In our company meeting last week, he punched me so hard I almost yelled out something like Steve Carell on 40 Year Old Virgin.

Back pain will disrupt your sleep schedule. And you can throw your back out simply by going to the bathroom on a non-supportive toilet. Trust me, it happened two weeks ago.

You will constantly feel like you have to pee. And often, you don’t end up peeing more than a few drops.  I miss being able to pee fiercely and loudly. So. Much. Pressure.

I also always grab my belly + cross my legs when I laugh.
If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

Shaving my legs is becoming a chore. And my leg probably looks like an alien crop circle (aka I miss hair in some areas only). On that note, hair is growing in unimaginable (unseen to me) places and my husband politely called me out / offered to help out during these next few weeks. God love him.

I’m DYING to see how many epic photobombs Bandit will do to Cooper. He’s already a master with me:

I couldn’t love him more.

Our nursery isn’t complete yet, but as long as we have a healthy baby and a crib – everything will be fine (or so that’s what I remind myself when I walk by the empty room with blank walls and closet full of random clothes).

I bought Cooper THREE OUTFITS for $11 bucks at Once Upon A Child. Seriously. He will be the cutest little guy. Justin, obviously, thinks I am dressing him “too hipster” or “preppy” but personally, I think he will be adorbs!

I eat whatever I want. I’m not going to pretend that I’m being healthy 100% of the time.

I do try to get my fruits and veggies in, but sometimes the cravings win. I honestly considered punching Justin, knocking him out, and putting him in the back seat with Bandit if he didn’t stop to eat me ice cream yesterday. But tonight, tonight  – I am eating healthy!!! Salmon, veggies, and fruit salad.Let’s just hope I don’t waddle down the frozen pizza isle or I am in deep trouble.

My sister told me that I am officially waddling now.

I can only hope I look as CUTE as these penguins when I waddle.

I literally want to squeeze people and kiss them on the forehead every single time they tell me I look beautiful + I’m glowing + I look like I’ve hardly gained any weight / I’m all belly. You could be lying. You are probably lying. But thank you.

The bump does, however, look pretty stellar in this new dress.
Let’s just hope it fits in a few weeks for my first shower!!

You should, however, tell me the truth about certain things including food stuck in my teeth, pit stains, back sweat stains, and butt sweat stains. It might be uncomfortable for you to expose these mishaps, but I will still love you.

Much love,

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