Tuesday Thoughts

I’m fearing the day I start lactating at work and no one tells me.

I am completely terrified at the thought of getting an epidural. Why is getting a giant needle in your back( that could paralyze you) the alternative to labor pain? 
Bacon makes my heart sing. 

We found a daycare for Cooper!!! I’m so excited that she values healthy eating + being active and playing outdoors. I really want Cooper to grow up with an active mind and body + an adventurous spirit… so learning healthy habits early on will make a huge difference. 
I’ve been slacking majorly with my fitness routine – I honestly miss the gym. My only excuse is that I am growing a baby and I am usually completely exhausted after work. At least I get my walks in with B! 
Speaking of Bandit, I am so excited to see him with Cooper! Some people make comments about how jealous he will be…but Justin and I think he will be protective and loyal. I really do believe he will be such a great big brother! 

I found the picture below from my (first) senior year in college – I think I weighed about 205 lbs here, but I was really fit! This is my post-baby fitness inspiration!!! 

I take my glucose test tomorrow! I’m feeling pretty confident that I will pass, and I will probably celebrate with a frozen yogurt lunch on Thursday with my coworkers. Perfectly normal. 
Our baby furniture should arrive this week! I can’t wait to watch Justin put it together – let’s be real…you know I will be tweeting and taking pictures more than helping with the assembly process. 
I’m going to eat some of that bacon now. 
Much love, 

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