The First Kick

Today will officially be known as the day Justin felt his baby boy kick for the first time!!!!

I felt Cooper moving all around, so I called Justin over. Usually by the time Justin gets over to me, Coop stops kicking and teases us both. Such a turd. 
For Father’s Day, I remember Justin saying he just wanted a kick. 
He leaned down to my belly and said, “How about you give me a kick for Father’s Day!?” 

But he never got a kick.

And it broke my heart.  
I was a little sad, but my doctor assured me that Justin would feel Cooper soon. 
And she was right. 
I literally got tears in my eyes when Justin felt that first kick! 
“Ohhhhhh!!!” Justin said when we both felt Cooper karate chop Justin’s hand. “Wow!!” 
His eyes were wide and mouth was open. 
For a few moments, he was simply speechless.

And tears kept filling my eyes.

“That’s just awesome!” He said.
Justin kept his hands on my belly, but I knew Coop was done moving. He is just like his mom …he does dramatic movements in his sleep and tosses and turns until he gets super comfortable. 
Justin leaned down and kissed me. 

He will be such an incredible dad. I can’t wait to watch him grow and enjoy the many other joys that parenthood can bring.

What a special moment for us to share…
I’m feeling so very blessed and thankful for these little moments in life that leave big impressions in our hearts.

Justin went back to his computer, and someone gladly took his place. 

Bandit obviously wants to feel a kick or two tonight as well!
Best big bro already.

I love my boys. 
Much love, 

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