What Are The Perks of Pregnancy?

Some woman hate pregnancy. They are sick the entire time or simply dislike their changing body. Other woman LOVE pregnancy. I find myself fitting in with this group. Not a love like the mom from 19 Kids and Counting (that’s simply outrageous), but I’ve had SUCH an incredible journey so far with our first little man.

And other woman have no desire to have children, which I totally respect and understand! Kids aren’t for everyone and no woman should ever be judged for her decision to have children or not have children. They can make traveling or working their “child.”

But no matter your stance on pregnancy, I’ve found there are some perks that are hard to ignore.

Perk 1: People are genuinely nicer to you. One time I had two grocery bags – that’s it- and the sweet old guy at Marsh offered to carry them out for me. Seriously, COM (cute old man) – I adore you. Thank you for being so sweet.

One of us is pregnant in this picture – can you guess who!?
Also, my grandpa is definitely a COM.

Perk 2: You get special parking privileges. Expecting mother parking is legit and I use it often!

Perk 3: You have an excuse to leave any event – any time. Seriously, if anyone ever gives you a hard time about leaving a party or event, just remind them that you’re growing another human. And that’s a pretty intensive and exhausting (but very rewarding) full-time job.

Perk 4: At some point, nothing in your closest will fit you (wait for it), so you have an excuse to go shopping all of the time. Need I say more?

Just stay away from awkward baby bumps in fitting rooms.

Perk 5: You will always be invited to go first in line. “Let the pregnant lady go first!” is a phrase I’ll never get sick of hearing.

Perk 6: You will always get “shot gun.” And if anyone EVER makes you climb in the very back of a crowded van while pregnant, you can punch them. And tell them I said so. Okay fine, I shouldn’t promote violence. But you should definitely refuse to move to the back of the bus Rosa Parks style.

Perk 7: No one judges you for getting seconds (and a lot of people offer you their leftovers). Don’t mind if I do!

Perk 8: You make people happy. Seriously, there is something special and contagious about a happy pregnant lady.

Hap-pay, Hap-pay, Hap-pay!

Perk 9: You shouldn’t have to bend over and pick up things you drop. Well, unless you’re alone. Today I almost tipped myself forward by trying to pick up a few things that fell out of my purse while I was grabbing my keys. But seriously, any time I drop anything someone is always eager to pick it up for me!

Perk 10: You have a reason to be moody. Now don’t use this as a daily excuse, but pregnancy hormones are legit! I mean seriously- this made me cry today:

Mainly because that seal reminds me of Bandit.

Everything reminds me of Bandit.

See- Bandit can swim!!!

Perk 11: You’re growing a little tiny human and that alone is incredible. In-cred-i-ble!

Perk 12: People are more forgiving about unexpected bodily functions. Everything from farts to burps to laughing so hard you pee your pants…

Pregnant Pro Tip: Always cross your legs and grab your belly when laughing.
It helps you avoid peeing your pants.

Perk 13: People think it’s cute when you spill something on yourself. Even though it’s really not and you look a little sloppy -it’s OK!

Perk 14: You can take more selfies to show off your baby bump. But try to keep it classy and PG. I’ve seen some pretty OUTRAGEOUS pregnant selfies. If you don’t believe me, just search #babybump on Instagram.

Example of pregnant PG selfie.

Perk 15: You have an amazing support group. Whether it’s in-person or online, moms across the world are bonded by pregnancy and parenthood. You can find help, inspiration, ideas, tips, and hope through so many other people in this world. And I’ve found that even people who don’t have children can be so supportive …reach out and let people into your world. Having that love and support makes a huge difference.

I’m sure I missed a few pregnancy perks, but these are top of mind. What others would you add to the list?

Much love,

One thought on “What Are The Perks of Pregnancy?

  1. Hilarious. I'm only nine weeks and I've already earned all shotgun rites when I previously was pushed to the way back. And now when I belch in restaurants it's just fine. If it weren't for extreme, constant nausea, this would be perfect.

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