How I Won $300 and Survived 110 Degree Weather

Justin’s parents have planned a Vegas trip to celebrate their 50th birthdays for a long time now.

I was really excited to go, but knew it would be a challenge to survive Vegas while 8 months pregnant. 
Walking too much = cramping back and feet. 
Eating out too much = swelling up like the blue girl on Willie Wonka due to all the sodium 
Not drinking = being completely sober in the city that never sleeps. And yes, signs all over the place reminded you of the dangers of drinking while pregnant…in case anyone was unsure: 

Flying = sitting still for a long time in a small seat with minimal leg room 
But I knew focusing on the negative would make the trip awful, so I focused on the positive! I was bound and determined to have a great trip …even if the odds (and outrageous heat) were against me. So I declared this a birthday celebration and a babymoon! 
I picked up my “grown up” magazines and a bagel sandwich at the airport. 

Then we were off to Vegas! 

Thankfully, a little boy (about 11 months) named Cruise was in front of us. He made me smile and laugh the entire time. He was such an amazing baby. 
He did, however, have a massive blowout that made me want to puke! I better get used to that…

We arrived around 8 am Vegas time. We took a limo to the hotel, which always makes me happy! If only they had the chicken limo…

Obviously, I was ready for lunch right away. We headed over New York, New York for pizza, but we had to wait about 45 minutes until the pizza place opened up. 
I was walking around the casino when a burst of negative hit me. 
I am not into gambling – how will I survive this trip!? 
What will I even do!? 
Who will hang out with me? 
But I quickly gave myself a pep talk and walked toward the bar for a virgin piña colada! 
This trip will be what I make it, I reminded myself with that first sip. 

With time to spare, I headed over to a slot machine that had an owl theme. It reminded me of Cooper, which is the main reason I went for that machine. 

I put in $15 and won $8 on my first spin! 
I better cash out now, I thought! 
But for some reason I kept going …once I got down to about $10 I went to another machine. I got down to about $3 and then gained back $5. 
Goodness, I need a new machine or better luck…I told myself. 
I walked toward a Paris themed penny slot, but it looked boring. I turned around and saw another machine called “Hot flashes.” 
Well, that’s exactly how I feel! So I sat down, put in my $8 bucks, and hit “max bet” – suddenly the game started going crazy. Apparently I went into a bonus road. My machine kept ringing and dinging – the points were added up by the thousands! 
Justin and his dad came over and I said, “I have no clue what’s going on, but it looks good!” 
Rodger leaned over to Justin and said, “30,000 credits…that’s $300!” 
The dinging stopped and Justin said, “Holy cow! Cash out now.” 

I won $300 bucks! 
I was in complete shock! Not only do I have the worst luck, but I never ever win anything. 
Being a good wife, I shared $100 with Justin. I used the rest to play a few more games. And yes, I lost about $50 before I realized my mojo was gone).

How else did I spend my winnings?

Well, I obviously bought delicious food!

Mini cupcake bites!

Serendipity frozen hot chocolate!

And bought a funny bib / onsie for Cooper: 

I planned on spending the rest on a pregnancy massage the next day, but they told me I was too far along (no wonder the robe didn’t fit)! 
Hey – at least you can see a few toes down there still!
And how could I forget our favorite waiter?

His name was Steve and he reminded me of Cam from “Modern Family.”

He told me I looked fabulous pregnant (which is all he really needed to do because I felt like a swollen blob when we walked around too much).

Not to mention, the food was incredible! 

And so I left him a generous tip. 
So how did I survive the heat? 

Well- believe it or not, it was simple! 
I drank lots and lots of water! T the hotel had fresh fruit water, which made my heart sing.
Water in the spa!

I hung out by the pool (often in the shade) + kept the water flowing! 
Swimsuit #1

And swimsuit #2

Virgin strawberry margarita aka a strawberry slushy!
And Justin drank for all 3 of us!! 
When we went exploring Red Rock Canyan, I took a liter of water with me and lathered up on sunscreen! To be completely honest, I was really dreading this part of the trip. To my surprise, it was actually my favorite part of our vacation!

The view was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful. I also enjoyed that we drove the 13 mile driving view and only stopped at the trail heads for photos and closer views. 

My little friend!

The whole crew!

Family photo!

And despite my fears of getting attacked by a rattlesnack or giant spider, we didn’t see any wild animals…except for my little lizard friend (pictured above).

I honestly can’t get over the beauty of nature.

And obviously the boys had to climb up a mountain.

How else did I survive Vegas while 30 weeks pregnant? 
I wore comfy clothes when going on long walks and explorations. 
Hey girl heyyy!

And I always propped up my feet when I found comfortable chairs! 
No shame.

Overall, we had a wonderful time. I loved spending time with family, eating great food, lounging by the pool, and making new memories and friends! 
If I go back to Vegas, I’ll make sure we have a babysitter come for Cooper. And we will bring Bandit.

Even though Bandit was having the time of his life with our wonderful grandparents, I really missed his little face and kisses. Hey, I saw some dogs out there! I think Bandit would have a blast and really love the lazy river at our hotel!

How can I unpack when I just want to snuggle with my little alien dog!?

But right now, I am so happy to be home. 
When I am away, I remember how much I love Indiana. 
I love Indy. 
I love our little neighborhood.
I love the cornfield views. 
I love that asking for ranch dressing for my fries is a normal request. 
I love the friendly people in the Midwest. 
I just love home. 
And I am so happy to be here….
Much love, 

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