Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News

Who had a doctors appointment 1.5 days after her Vegas vacation!?

This girl
I have to admit I was a little terrified about gaining too much weight from eating out nearly every meal. 
And even though I walked a lot and probably sweated out all my calories, I wanted to make sure I maintained a healthy weight gain. 
Not because of a number on the scale…

Because gaining too much weight in a short amount of time isn’t good for me or my babes! 

But the weight gain and scale aside, I simply wanted to hear my little man’s heart beat. I honestly don’t feel a ton of movement… And I try not to let it freak me out, but sometimes it just does. 
Is he okay in there? 

Am I doing the right things to make sure he keeps growing into a healthy baby boy!?  

I have learned extremely early on that parenthood will be a lot of worrying about your little one being okay.

And safe.

Safety and health will never stop being a top concern. 
Walking in the hospital, I completely spaced on which floor I needed to get off on. 
How can I not remember this!?

It’s only been three weeks! 

Oh crap- 2 or 3…

Just then an adorable older man got in the elevator and said, “Ohhhh – I know what floor you’re going to!” 
Thank God someone does. 

He hit floor #3. 
“Why thank you,” I said. “I almost forgot where I was going!” 
He thought I was joking. 
But I wasn’t.

And I was thankful for him! 

“Do you know what you’re having?!” he asked me. 
“Yes, a little boy,” I said back with a big smile. 
“So many boys!” he said. “It’s like we are planning for a big war or something! Is there a draft I don’t know about?” 
We shared stories about all the boys in our families and parted ways once the elevator dinged on floor 3.
“Good luck with everything young lady!” he yelled back. 
Oh, I just love COMs and kind strangers. 
COM = cute old man (in case you forgot). 
So, how did my appt go?! 
Good news #1 

I only gained 3 lbs since my last appt!!!! I was so pumped. 
Take that, Vegas! 
Good news #2

I had a “nice and calm” blood pressure rate per my nurse. 
Good news #3 

The moment the doctor walked into the room, he said, “Girl – look at you! You look wonderful- how do you feel!?” 
He told me I passed my glucose test with flying colors and assured me that my belly (aka baby) is growing at a normal and healthy rate! 
Good news #4 

Little Cooper had a very steady and healthy heart beat. 
I could listen to it all day. In fact, how much do those things cost!? Can I put one on my baby registry!? 
I told the doctor about how I don’t feel a ton of movement, but he assured me everything is fine. 
“You really will start to feel him moving around more and more,” he said. “You will be saying something different at your next appointment.” 
His confidence and smile were both encouraging. 
“Well girl,” my doctor said. “I am kicking you out of here. You look amazing. You’re doing amazing. Keep it up!” 
The positive appointment was exactly what I needed today. 
I’m feeling blessed and thankful for my healthy body and baby…especially with D-day two months away from today!! 

The bump.
Don’t mind the stains on my tank top.
I think it’s water, but I can’t be sure these days.

And yes, my belly is exploding!

Justin even had to put my socks AND shoes on tonight so I could walk Bandit!

Once he laced up my last shoe, he looked up and said, “You truly are so beautiful!”

His eyes and smile told me he really meant it. He leaned up and gave me a kiss.

Justin always knows how to make me smile and feel great about myself- even if I have giant cankles and stains on my t-shirt.

I am not sure how my belly can possibly get any bigger, but I know it will! Justin even got the measuring tape out to show me how much larger my belly will probably get over the next two months. Here we grow…

Looks like Bandit is going to run out of room on the love seat soon. 
Much love, 

One thought on “Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News

  1. They don't move much in the last month after they get in position. just not room left. Good luck! I had 3 with natural childbirth, pain is in your head, you can control it. My 2nd even weighed 9lb4oz and was delivered by midwives!

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