Favorite Outfit Friday: July 19

Despite how AWFUL and painful my feet looked yesterday, they did not fall off last night!


I promise my feet look worse than they actually felt.

Even though I slightly panicked after reading through a few comments on my picture, I got some really good tips for helping with the swelling:

  • Check your BP with the swelling gets bad.
  • Get compression socks.
  • Rock some TED hose (not sure what those are…will be Googling them later).
  • Wrap your feet in cabbage (my friend swears it works)
  • STAY CALM (everything is probably OK – Thanks for this reminder / tip Mindy…)

Most importantly, you guys helped me realize swelling feet is a normal side effect of being pregnant in the summer (for the most part). And I’m not alone.

I went checked my BP (it was a little higher than normal, but not by much), went home to relax, had dinner with a good friend, and then went to bed early! My poor little feet look much better today.
Speaking of today, Bandit and I are twins! 
My boys.

Spots on spots on spots. 
And of course, I am rocking my bow tie necklace today!
The bump gets bigger by the second.
Well, at least the day.

I left the house without my coupon for Motherhood Maternity. Obviously, I am spending my lunch break shopping for some clothes that fit me – see above – spotted T-shirt barely fits.
So, I ran back into the house and grabbed it. 
I blew Justin a kiss and said, “Just shopping on my lunch break and forget my coupon- love you!” 
He lifted his head from the pillow and blew a kiss into the air. 
“And I am just kissing my money goodbye,” he said.
Happy wife, happy life. Remember that, bud! 🙂
Happy Friday you guys! 
Do what makes you happy today!!!  
Unless, of course, what makes you happy is illegal or could harm other people. In which case, you need to find a different hobby.
Much love, 

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