What Makes A Good Mom?

My sweet little Coops,

You will be here SO soon! Everyone keeps asking if I am excited. And I am absolutely beyond excited to meet you.

To see your sweet little face.

Hear that first cry to let me know you’re OK.

See your little tiny toes and hold your small hands.

I’m sure I’ll be crying my eyes out when they place you on my chest for the first time. And I just stare into your eyes…I’m crying just thinking about that moment now.

You’ll be here so soon…

Everyone also keeps saying that I’ll be such a great mom, which makes me feel wonderful when I’m feeling nervous and scared about what the future has in store for us.

Despite what some people may believe, there is no magical playbook for parenting. Sure, people have some tricks up their sleeves and they’re always eager to share…but when I think about what makes a good mom – a few things come to mind.

So, here is my list of promises to you.

First and foremost, I will always love you. Always.

I will tell you I am proud of you often. 
I will read you bedtime stories and maybe we can create a few stories of our own!! 
I will teach you empathy – how to care for  others and give back, especially to those in need. 
I will remind you that failing makes you stronger. I will leave the competitiveness to your father (competiviness isn’t my greatest gift). 
I will hold you when you cry – no matter your age
I will inspire you to always try your best.

I will try to teach you patience. We can learn this virtue together. 
I will teach you to give back by participating in community events, fundraisers, and making donations. 
I will remind you the world doesn’t revolve around you, but you can make a giant impact on this world by being you
I will discipline you to help you learn right from wrong. Yes, you will be grounded. And yes, you will get mad at me. We will both get over it. 
I will teach you forgiveness – see above. 
I will make you clean your room before spending the night at your friends house. And you’ll have chores to do as well.

I will not let your dad blame his farts on you

I will never ever tolerate you making fun of another kid or being the class bully.

Never. Instead, I want you to be the kid who defends the weak and stands up to the bullies. 

I will make you eat what is for dinner – no special trips. (This one is easy to say for now). 
I will let you pick out any meal for your birthday. And if I am skillful enough and have the time, I will make fun birthday cakes for you each year. 
I will teach you to have an adventurous spirit. We will travel fun places together – both near and far. 
I will take you shopping – your father doesn’t have a taste for fashion…but he can certainly teach you any hobby or sport. And cooking – your father is a wonderful chef!

I will probably dress you in suspenders and other outfits you hate. But I promise, you will look back one day and get a laugh out of your style, hair cuts, and school pictures

I will ask you the low point and high point of your day every single night at dinner. It will be our tradition. 
Speaking of traditions, I will create fun traditions for us to share as a family. Sorry, but Elf on the shelf probably won’t be one of them. 
I will teach you how to be a young gentleman. This includes holding the door open for everyone, letting others go before you, opening the car door for your lady on every single date (not just the first one), and always saying thank you!

I will probably embarrass you in front of your girlfriends. But the keeper – the one you marry – she will think I’m funny and won’t mind my silly ways. This I know…

I will help you make healthy decisions and live an active lifestyle. I would love to do races with you! 
I will do my best to make it to all your events, conferences, games, shows, and activities. But remember, I am working hard for this family so there will be some things I miss…. I will stalk people to take pictures and videos for you to show me. 
I will always do my best for you. 
I will dance with you in the rain and play with you in the mud. After all, that is why we have a washing machine! 
I will pick time with you outside vs. keeping us both stuck inside watching TV. 
I will teach you to laugh off hard moments, but know when to be serious. 
I will dance with you any time, any place – this might be embarrassing for you later in life… but we will have fun! 
I will motivate you to face your fears, no matter what they are (unless it involves scuba diving with sharks or chasing down aliens or tornadoes). 
I will make you eat your vegetables and fruit.

But we will have bacon on occasion to balance it all out. 

I will help you with your homework, but I won’t do the work for you. Apply yourself and you will reap the benefits. 
I will rescue you when bandit is giving you too many kisses – but he means well and loves you dearly!!! That’s what puppy brothers are for…
I will teach you how to work for what you want …and no, you won’t have an iPhone in kindergarten. I don’t care how many of your friends have one… 
I will make sure we learn things in our own time and way – refusing to listen to how other kids are learning or growing.

Comparing yourself to others is no way to live. 

I will accept that these things are hard. 
We will have bad days. 
We will breakdown. 
Tears will be shed. 
Mistakes will be made. 
We will fail on our promises sometimes – but remember, failure makes us stronger and wiser. 
I am confident we will learn something new from each other every single day. 

I can’t wait to see how we both end up changing and inspiring each other.

See you soon, my little man.

Much love,

3 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Mom?

  1. Love it….and how you threw the bacon bit in there (pun intended lol). I had people tell me “there's nothing like your first child.” You'll never forget that FIRST cry or that first moment where you hold your firstborn and everything just seems perfect! 🙂

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