Puppy Brother: The Story of Bandit

Some of you know the story of Bandit.

Nearly all of you know how madly in love I am with this beautiful, loving, intelligent, and hilarious fur child of mine.

He makes every single day better.

He makes me laugh – like 40 times a day – with his facial expressions, funny habits, and general adorableness.

He is very special to me.

The mere thought losing Bandit makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry in the corner. I know, I’m pathetic…Let’s change the subject before I start crying….

But for those of you don’t know how Bandit came into my life, it’s an interesting story.

It was March or early April. Justin was about to graduate from college, so the year was 2009.

I went home to visit my family and my sister told me she got two adorable puppies for the boys, Milo and Chloe. She asked if I wanted to come see them. Obviously, I jumped into my car and couldn’t wait to meet the pups. She said they were border collie and blue heeler mixes.

I’d never heard of a blue heeler, so I was curious to see what the puppies looked like.

I could hear them barking as I pulled into the driveway.

I saw a little nose sticking out of the fence.

OMG, I’m in love.

I went out back and instantly fell in love with Milo.

He had so much energy.

He was a small ball of fur- so full of life.

Milo and Chloe playing in the backyard.
Spoiler alert: That is Bandit’s butt in the background.

Still playing.

Look at those little fluffy butts!!

I sent Justin a picture of Milo and me snuggling.

Can we get one? I asked him via text message.

Justin, who was living up the final few months of college to the fullest, had been day drinking with his friends. He was an easy sell.

“I WANT THAT ONE,” Justin text back.

“This one is Sarah’s,” I said. “But I will find one just like him!”

My sister told me she got the puppies for free from a farm. The woman had recently lost her husband and felt keeping up with the farm, animals, and new puppies would be very difficult. So she put an advertisement in the paper: free puppies.

Justin was on board with getting a puppy. Of course he was! Milo was adorable. His siblings are free. And he was drunk.

Sarah and I drove out to the farm and my heart simply melted when I saw the puppies come running to the fence. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted…they have fluffy ones like Milo and some short-haired ones running around too.

I picked up one that looked like a panda bear and sent Justin a picture!

“What about this one?!” I asked. “She is so cute and fluffy!”

She quickly replied, “NO! She looks like a panda!”

I put her back down with her brothers and sisters, slightly disappointed.

“Try to find a boy,” Justin said. “That way we don’t have to worry about a female getting pregnant or something.”

I searched around for a few male dogs.

There was a puppy hiding in the corner behind the dog house. He really didn’t want to be found. And when I went to grab him, he tried to curl up and hide from me.

He was the runt of the group.

I sent Justin a picture with the little guy.

“I want him.” Justin said quickly. “He’s the one!”

I called him right away, “But this one is boring! He was hiding in the corner and is shaking on me.”

“Well, he is just scared,” Justin said. “And doesn’t want to be taken from his mommy!”

(He was a mommy’s boy from the very start!!!!). 

I sighed.

“We get this one or no one,” Justin said.

“Okay, maybe you’re right,” I said back.

I looked at the puppy’s face. He was so little. So scared. So nervous.

I gave him a kiss on the forehead.

He is our puppy.

He is the one.

We quickly decided on the name Bandit. And it was perfect. I took him home that evening and we slept on the couch together. He cuddled with me all night.

Mommy’s boy.

Look at those baby blue eyes.

So bashful.

Look. At. That. Face.

My boy.

I woke up a few times to him crying, which made me sad.

I tried to get him to eat, but he wouldn’t.

And when I took him outside to use the restroom, he would just stare me.

I was worried he would be boring. And quiet. And hate his life.

BOY – was I wrong.

Within a few short days, his personality started to shine.

And he started to feel more “at home.”




By May, Justin had graduated college and took Bandit to live with him and his parents for the summer.

My adorable family.

I HATED being apart of Bandit, especially during his early puppy years. But Justin and his parents did such an amazing job training him. Each time I saw Bandit, he was doing something different.

 Showing me a new trick.

He was growing up so quickly…

Eventually, Justin and I moved in together so we were reunited as a family. And you guys know the rest:

Happy New Year!

Bandit hating the snuggie we got him for Christmas.

Bandit is famous for photobombs and kisses.

Our first Christmas together!!!

Bandit thrilled to be celebrating his second birthday.

Kisses for the bday boy.
Another puppy pic!

Look at that face!

My running buddy.

Watching his daddy in the garden.

Bandit Sieb, King of Silly Faces
The classic “Dear in Headlights” look.

So embarrassed.
When can I finally sit on your lap again, mom?
Bandit + the backyard  = pure happiness

It’s a boy!!!

So will bandit be a good brother!? 

Will he be jealous!? 
I’m certain…but what child isn’t jealous (at least for a while) after the new kid arrives!? 
But I know with all my heart that Bandit and Cooper will be best buds
We asked our vet about how to help Bandit adjust to the new little guy entering our world soon. His best advice was to maintain a good schedule with Bandit. Dogs, especially dogs like Bandit, are creatures of habit. So, we shall keep our walks and evening snuggles together. 
He also suggested laying out toys so Cooper gets used to random things laying around the house. We’ve already taken a walk with Bandit + stroller, which went well! 
Get pumped for some awesome puppy brother pictures and stories to come…

P.S. I’m still looking for that blue service dog vest so Bandit can come visit us at the hospital. 

Much love, 

2 thoughts on “Puppy Brother: The Story of Bandit

  1. Lol awww! I really enjoyed reading that!! That's so sweet! The pictures are great and I love it when you post pictures of him because he has so much personality (and that matches so well with you two!). It's awesome!

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