10 Signs You’re Ready for Children

Though I’m not a parenting or pregnancy expert, I’ve come to realize there are 10 signs that indicate if you’re ready to have children or not.

Here is the list (in no particular order):

1. You have a tree in your background that grows thousand dollar bills.

(Read: You’ll never have enough money).

2. You have an extra set of arms and legs. 

(Read: You’re only one person. You will always wish there were more of you, though).

3. You have eyes in the back of your head.

(Read: Although some people have this gift – I am convinced my grandpa did – this is biologically impossible as well).

4. You feel 100% happy and content with your job.

(Read: You’ll always have work stress and goals …whether it’s the desire to move up in your company, find a new job, or make more money).

5. Your body is flawless. In fact, you look better than you did in high school. 

(Read: You’ll never be at the perfect weight or size. Sorry).

6. You can afford 3 nannies to live in your home 24/ 7 – special shout out to that money tree growing in your backyard.

(Read: The money tree doesn’t exist and you aren’t delivering the Royal Baby).

7. You have traveled the world and don’t feel pressure to see another new location.

(Read: There will ALWAYS be more places to explore and visit, especially if you have an adventurous spirit).

8. You have more patience than Mother Theresa and Gandhi combined.

(Read: Does such a person even exist?).

9. You have the biggest house in the world. 

(Read: You’ll always want more space).

10. Your marriage / relationship is amazing…you never fight, always have sex, and never hold grunges. 

(Read: Let’s not get too carried away…even the best relationships have bumps in the road and mountains to climb).

Hopefully this list made you laugh. Obviously, I am kidding about the entire concept.

I don’t think anyone is ever 100% TRULY ready to have children. Sure, I believe there is a certain level of maternity that makes you more “prepared” and obviously extra money helps out, but the change a child brings to your life is so big…and life changing.

So just remember….

You will always have challenges to face and conquer – as a parent and partner.

You will always wish you had more money.

You will lose your mind at times.

You will want to run and hide – either to cry your eyes out or just have some peace and quiet.

You will see pictures of your friends / family traveling to new places, drinking fancy drinks, or wearing wonderful dresses and wonder how they afford that lifestyle. 

I guess the biggest lesson to learn is to NOT compare yourself to other families. And I will surely need to remind myself of this lesson as I begin my journey as a mother.

Live for what you have and work for what you want.

Never give up on your family.

Fight through the tough times.

But don’t forget to stop and enjoy the happy moments.

Mr. Cooper isn’t here yet, but I can hardly tell that his presence alone will completely change our world in unimaginable ways. I’m up for the challenge, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

2.5 more weeks!!

Much love,

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