7 Years (And 70 to go)

Seven years ago today, Justin stood on the steps of his dorm and asked me to be his girlfriend.

Our first picture together!

We have shared hundreds of memories…

Camping…and I am NOT a camper.

Eventful vacations

Liquid courage before our flight.

After jumping into the freezing cold ocean. I’m dying at his facial expression!

Beach kisses.
Our very first vacation together.

A wonderful puppy


Our first apartment

Family pic in our first apt together.

A fabulous wedding celebration

Getting low on the dance floor during our first dance.

Our first kiss.

A first home

The key to our first house!

King & Queen – decorating the house!

And (almost) a baby later…

I love him more than ever before…

I was only 19-years-old when we first met. It seems so long ago, but I’m so blessed that I’ve literally grown up with Justin by my side. 

I shared this post on Facebook and Justin’s reply was SUPER adorable.

He wrote: “Wow. I can’t believe that was 7 years ago. We were 19!!! If the past 7 years had that many adventures and memories, I can’t wait for the next 70 years (yes, we’re living past 90)! I love you.”

I am so incredibly blessed.

And thankful.

And happy.

Tonight, we shall celebrate by letting the pre-baby makeover continue…I am getting pedicures with my best gals! Then Justin and I are making pasta with homemade sauce!! I’m going to show him how to make homemade garlic bread using hotdog buns, cheese, butter, and garlic powder – a childhood staple of mine. I’ll be happy to supply you with the recipe – just message me.

Oh, it is love. 

Much love,

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