Favorite Outfit Friday: August 23

Tomorrow, I will be the big 3-8 …aka 38 weeks pregnant!

He seems to be dropping! Maybe? Yes?
Pretend and humor me…say yes!

Where has time gone!? 

It seems like just yesterday I was posting this picture and sharing the news about our little babes.

Original post of the good news:
We’ve been keeping a secret from you guys.
And personally, it’s driving us crazy.
So after hearing our little baby’s heart beat today, it’s time to announce…
I am thankful this pregnancy has been smooth (for the most part). 
Sure, my feet are swollen. 
I pee a lot …at least 87 times a day and 2-3 times each night. A few of these times include peeing my pants.

My face is broken out like you would NOT believe – seriously, you can play connect the dots on my chin for at least 30 minutes.

I waddle, which means I am off balance.. So my back hurts most days.

I ripped a piece of my nail off this morning while trying to pull up my pants (read: nothing fits me anymore).

My hormones make me crazy. I cry at the sight of a happy dog, adorable old couple, sad movie preview, or even a dying shard of grass.

And the other day I got so mad at Justin for no reason.

Literally, he didn’t say a word to me and he came over to grab my butt while I was doing dishes and I said, “Leave me alone!” 

“What is wrong with you!?” He asked quickly and then added, “What happened to hakuna matata!?” 
“I don’t know what’s wrong and I don know what happened!” I said and then I laughed. “I honestly have no clue!!!” 
We laughed about it hours later, but that’s just part of being pregnant. 
Things change, body parts swell, and you feel like you’re going crazy at times. 
But I try not complain about these things. What’s the point!? 
I am growing a healthy baby (as far as I can tell). I get to experience this wonderful journey that so many people long for… It seems so silly to complain about swollen feet or the number of times I have peed my pants when someone asks how I am doing.

Complaining just makes things worse.

And no one likes to be around a complainer

In all reality, I am doing pretty darn awesome!! 

We had a doctor appointment on Wednesday and the doctors seem to agree.

My blood pressure was 130 / 70.

I only gained 2 lbs in the last two weeks (PRAISE JESUS!!!!).

And the doctor and nurse once again complimented me on how great I look! Maybe they do that to everyone…but it sure makes me feel great when they boast my spirits with kind words and positivity.

He did the strep test where they swob your lady parts and bum to check for a certain bacteria that can be passed to your baby during delivery. IF I test positive, I’ll just need to be put on antibiotics when my water breaks and throughout labor – shouldn’t be a big deal.

And the test itself wasn’t a big deal either…Of course, I packed an extra pair of underwear and cleansing wipes to freshen up before my appointment (in a panic that every woman experiences before her OB appointments), but I obviously forgot to use them….

But nothing traumatic happened.

“Do you want me to check to see if you are dilating yet?” the doctor asked me.

“Well, what do you think?” I asked him.

“It’s totally up to you,” he said. “It’ll probably be painful because I doubt you’re that far dilated, if at all.”

I think we’ve had enough entertainment down there for today, I thought to myself.

“And if you’re 1-3 centimeters, it really won’t change much,” he said. “We’d still plan to see you next week and just tell you to call if your water breaks or you go into labor.”

“Well,” I said. “Let’s just not worry about it. I’d rather just wait until next week since I’ll be closer!”

So I’m holding out until next Wednesday to learn more about Cooper’s grand appearance into this world.

I am surprised about how relaxed and laid back I am about this entire birthing process. This type of patience and “going with the flow” attitude is SO unlike “Adult Ashley.”

But really, I am not in control of ANY of this

So I’m just going with the flow.

Taking it day by day.

And not planning a thing – okay fine, I am planning what I want to eat post-birth. Right now, I am torn between a BLT with avocado or the biggest turkey sandwich in the world. Tomorrow, I’ll probably want Scotty’s brewhouse waffle fries or raw sushi – you know, because they are comparable.

But, I have the carseat in my car.

I ALMOST have my bag packed! I keep pulling out things I need to wear again because- as I said – my wardrobe is getting pretty slim.

Cooper’s bag is ready to go though! I don’t have a lot in there…just some diapers and wipes in case he has a blow out on the way home, some Cowboys pacifiers in case he is born during the Cowboys game that Sunday, two adorable outfits, and a few other things.

In the meantime, you can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #CoopWatch …and when I’m in labor, I’ll share the good news about #CoopTime (shout out to my friend Melanie for these great hashtag ideas).

Or maybe I’ll just pull a royal baby and go into labor without telling anyone…and then I’ll call the press to show off my new babes. I’ll lift Cooper in the air Lion King style at the hospital for all of the world to see. YOLO.

Kidding, you guys know me too well…I can’t keep this exciting news a secret for more than 10 seconds.

Thanks for following along and sharing in our excitement. Cooper will be one VERY loved little boy.

Much love,

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