The Final (Cooper) Countdown

“When are you due!?” a woman asked me in the restroom yesterday.

“Next Sunday!” I said back. 
Holy cow – I am due to have a baby next flipping weekend!!! 
I almost crapped my pants as I spoke those words…guess I was in the right place for that to happen…
Can you believe I am almost 39 weeks!?!!?
I had a doc appt today. I was a little anxious because I knew they would check to see if I was dilated or not. And I was warned last week that this can be a painful exam (depending on your definition of “pain”). 
Justin actually joined me for the doc appt today – it was so nice to have him there with me. 

First, I gave the traditional urine sample. And yes, I always draw a smile face on the cup!

Happy pee.
Next, I went to the dreaded scale. I gained 1 lb from last week. I finally caved and bought a scale for the home again. I am usually 3-4 lbs lighter in the morning – so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the number on the scale (my appt was at 2 pm). 
To date, I’ve gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy. 38 lbs on a good day! I wanted to only gain about 25-30 lbs, but hey – I’ll take it! I’m still proud of myself for being so active throughout this pregnancy. And for the MOST part, I ate pretty healthy!
Next, the nurse took my blood pressure. I had a feeling (based on the heat and my swelling) that it would be higher than normal – and it was. My BP was 140/90. Higher than normal, but nothing to panic about.
The nurse gave me a robe and told me the doctor would be in shortly. Justin helped me put the robe on, which I found adorable! 
“Look at your little butt!” Justin said. 
“There is nothing little about my butt,” I said back. “There might be a little BIT sticking out, but that thing is definitely not little…” 
We both laughed – I don’t mean that in a negative way. I enjoy my booty and curves. And so does J! 
Does anyone else think I look like a meerkat in this picture?
Also, this is what a pregnant meerkat looks like for comparison:
You’re welcome.
The doctor came in and found Cooper’s heartbeat – 132 bmp! 
I wanted to run out of the room – with my butt cheeks flopping in the wind and all – and break into the ultrasound room to see pictures of him! We haven’t had an ultrasound since week 20 when he looked like this:

I am so eager to see what he looks like now…. And most importantly, I just want go know if he is healthy. 
Next came the big ol’ exam! I definitely thought it would be way worse…I had a little discomfort, but nothing that made me want to cry or moan in pain. 
“Oh wow,” she said. “That’s good.”
Hmm what’s good!? Did you just high give my baby down here!? 
“You are 1 CM dilated,” she said. “And your cervix is already 80% thinned out.” 
“Sooo that’s a good thing!?” I asked, slightly confused about what this cervix talk means. 
“Oh yeah!” She said. “You could have a baby tomorrow...or it could still be a few weeks.” 
Justin and I just looked at each other and smiled. 
“But your cervix looks great,” she said. “This was the best cervical exam I’ve done all day!” 
I felt like I should have received a certificate. Or at least a high five! 
But instead, I settled for a moment of uncomfortable silence and then I probably said something awkward. I honestly can’t remember because I was too busy daydreaming about the moment I get to see Cooper for the first time! 
“And I am on call this weekend,” she said. “So who knows- I might just see you this weekend!”   
Oh. My. Gosh. 
Cooper is making his way down and the pathway is opening up. Sure – it could be a few weeks. I’ve heard people say they (or someone they know) as 3-4 CM for weeks. 
But all I know is – no matter what – I will be giving birth to a beautiful baby boy in less than two weeks! 
Now if you will excuse me, I am off to walk bandit, do some free weights, and bounce on my ab ball… Gotta work this baby out of me somehow! 
Much love, 

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