Why My Mind is Blown

Happy Friday, you guys!

I usually do a “Favorite Outfit Friday” post today, BUT I totally spaced to take a bathroom mirror selfie picture before work.

Hopefully you aren’t too disappointed.

Instead, I’ll share with you my adorable mustache scarf that I wore today.

Adorable little staches.

I am still in denial that I am growing this baby and he will be here ANY DAY now.

I mean sure- my belly is huge.

I waddle like a chubby duck.

I resemble a pregnant meerkat (as we learned in my previous blog post). 

I feel Cooper kick and punch me…or as I call it “dancing.”

I have Braxton Hicks contractions that are picking up more and more each day.

I hear the heart beat often.

I have ultrasounds to prove he exists!

And the doctor said I’m starting to dilate + thin out! 

But honestly, it truly BLOWS MY MIND that a baby…a little, tiny person is growing inside of me.

With fingers.

Little tiny toes.

Big (but not too big), beautiful brown eyes (I’m guessing on this one).

A brain ready to be filled with knowledge and happy memories. And lessons learned the hard way too…

A beating heart.

A smile that will completely melt my soul.

A laugh that will certainly take after one of my MANY laughs. We can only hope that he inherits my machine gun laugh.

And hair. Probably not a lot of hair, but he will certainly hopefully have hair.

And ….have I annoyed you yet or should I keep going?

I just don’t know how explain how I feel in words…so I’ll let this picture do the talking. When it comes to having a baby in about a week or less, this is how I feel:

I mean, I could have a baby tomorrow.

Or even tonight.

Or even after I post this blog…

So what am I doing this weekend?

Well -besides playing the waiting game… I’ll be spending time with my family, cleaning the house a million times, and watching Prison Break on Netflix – which will subsequently lead to nightmares that keep me up all night.

It’ll be great.

Much love,

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