The Waiting Game

“When do you think your water will break?” Justin asked me earlier tonight when we were sitting outside eating frozen yogurt.

I had to think about the question for a minute.

The waiting game is hard. Throughout the past two weeks, I’ve woken up each morning thinking – “What if today is the day?”

I TRY not to get caught up in that thinking. But I’d be lying if the thought didn’t cross my mind at least once a day!

Sometimes, I think it will happen at work when I walking to the restroom, filling up my water, or even the middle of a meeting. One of my coworkers actually had a dream my water broke in one of our conference hey – you never know!

Other times I think it will happen when we are home….either in bed, as I’m walking down the stairs with laundry, or when I am satisfying one of Special K cravings.

Then I think about the times when I walk walking Bandit, running an errand, or even driving to my brother’s football game.

But alas- I have no clue. And zero visibility into this master birthing plan that is in my immediate future.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ll probably have to be induced! I mean – he just seems so comfortable in there…”

Justin laughed and gave me a hard time for thinking the way.

I mean honestly- he is living like a king in there. 

He probably wants to hang out in there all Fall so he can enjoy all these Pumpkin Spice Lattes I keep drinking. 

I’ve always wanted my water to break naturally and to NOT be induced – but I simply have to sit back and wait to see how everything plays out.  So I’ve been trying to keep myself busy!

On Friday, I went to my little brother’s football game. I say little- BUT he is a senior in high school. And he will be 18 this month! Where does time go?! How did he grow up so quickly!!

Cooper and Uncle Loshe.
The boys amazed by my big belly.

On Saturday, Justin and I did picked up some final items off our registry. 

Obviously I had to pick up this ADORABLE pumpkin butt outfit.

Saturday also marked week 39 for us!

Saturday was an eventful day in terms of my body too.  

Disclaimer: Now is the time to stop reading and scroll to Sunday section if you don’t want to read about pregnancy details. 

Good – you’ve decided to stay…

So on Saturday, I went to the bathroom and I’m 84.3% sure my “mucus plug” came out …or at least started to. I wasn’t 100% sure so I decided to go a Google search on this topic. I decided it was probably a good idea to finish my breakfast before I browsed the Web…so I ate my cereal then headed over to the computer. THANKFULLY I finished eating first because the the Google images that came back for “mucus plug” made me want to vomit. And I am having horrible flashbacks as I type this out…

Anyway, there was that…and I also thought I broke my toe a few hours later. 

The oven went off indicating my tater tots were done…I got up to run to the oven, as if there was a bomb on it and if I didn’t open the oven in 30 seconds the house would blow up.

As a result of my hunger and lack of coordination, I ran straight into the wall. Not lying – right into the wall. Who does that?

So, my toe was bleeding and bruising RIGHT away.

“Well hey, you might be at the hospital soon anyway,” Justin said trying to cheer me up.


Sunday morning we woke up early to finish cleaning and getting the house ready. I’ve missed my family so much lately and I can’t really travel that far in case my water breaks (the doctor didn’t want me traveling more than 2 hours from home after week 36).

My sister decided to come up for a visit – which made me SO happy. We decided to turn the day trip into a little birthday party for my nephew (because I can’t make his party this coming weekend).

B and I getting ready for the par-tay!
My amazing sister brought me a Taco pizza from Decatur!
I WAS SO INCREDIBLY happy and ate a piece the moment she walked in the door.
Laden super excited about his new Pokemon trainer kit!

Yes, Bandit tried to help Landen and the other kids open up the birthday gifts.
He is hilarious.

All you need is a giant gift bag and you’ll make any 2-year-old happy!

My mini me!!

I had SUCH an amazing time just catching up with everyone and laughing with my nephews – they honestly crack me up…and make me so excited to have a little boy of my own soon.

And my heart absolutely melted when they would rub my belly, get a giant smile on their face, and yell, “I  FELT HIM KICK!”

I knew they didn’t feel him kick, but it was adorable to see their reaction.

And when they left, they came up and gave me a hug. Then said goodbye to Cooper.

My nephew Braxen said, “SEE YOU SOON COOPER!!”

It was the cutest thing ever.

Braxen, Landen, and Will all think Cooper will be here on Thursday. The boys were right about me being pregnant. They were right about Cooper being a boy. So who knows – they might be right about his arrival date too!

My sister and I both think it will be Wednesday.

Mom thought Coops would make his grand appearance today – while it seems unlikely now, there is still time before the clock strikes midnight!!

Justin said he is thinking Cooper will wait until his due date, but he is hoping that he at least holds out until Wednesday. Why?

Because he has a super duper important fantasy football draft tomorrow evening. Can you imagine me being in labor and Justin at the hospital with his laptop – all upset about not getting his second pick while I am screaming in labor pain / trying not to punch him?

Yeah, I think we need to video record the events leading up to Cooper’s arrival. Knowing us, the trip to the hospital and conversations leading up to Cooper’s arrival will be a hilarious and extraordinary event that people would only see to believe…

What do you guys think!?

Any gut feelings on when #CoopWatch will turn into a #CoopWarning!?

Much love,

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Hi dear! You are too cute! I just want to pass on a little advice, being on #4 and all right now. =) Your water breaking may not be the first real sign of labor. Mine has never broken first! With all 3 of my boys, I woke up at 3 am with contractions being 5 minutes apart. 😉 You'll know it when they happen. Also, I know a lot of women who go to week 42 with their pregnancies and baby is healthy–no inducing. I highly recommend avoiding an induction. Check out: there is a lot of helpful information on there. =) I sure do know how it feels to want baby out!! I cried when Lennox was born, and said, “I'm not pregnant any more!” I was so relieved to finally have him here. He came at 39 w and 4 days. Anyway, I wish you the best with whatever happens and I look foward to having you be a part of our bf support group if you need anything after Coop gets here. Lots of hugs!

  2. My water only broke on its own with my 3rd pregnancy. The other two had to be “popped” by the Doctor with a crochet hook type instrument. And you will not be screaming, just concentrating and letting nature happen. My son has a new nephew, who weighed in at 9lb. 14 oz.!

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