Four More Mondays

I woke up this morning feeling a little sad. My maternity leave is up on December 9, which seemed far away when I first had you.
I will love you forever and for always.
But the time- as they’ve always told me – has flown by.
And on Thursday, you will be 8 weeks old! I am VERY lucky to take the full 12 weeks off with you. Some woman get half that time or less. But the longer maternity leave doesn’t make returning to work any easier….no time will ever seem like enough time. 
I’m sure every mom feels this way.
So as I watched you sleeping this morning, I felt sad that I only have four more Mondays to spend with you on my maternity leave. 
Four more Mondays to lay around all day and take selfie pictures together. 
Your alien face.

Four more Mondays to run errands and lift up my car seat cover to see your happy face!

So what if we drive to the bank and back without pants on?
Four more Mondays to lay around and talk during Tummy Time.
“I’d much rather just lay my head on this comfy pillow than strengthen my neck.”

Four more Mondays to snuggle on the couch until you fall asleep on my chest.

A sleeping baby on my chest might just be my new favorite thing. Ever.

Four more Mondays to take a million pictures of you and your countless faces and expressions!

I’m only slightly obsessed.
Four more Mondays to stare at your little face and soak in all of your sleeping smiles and laughs.
You stole my heart.

Four more Mondays to sit around and watch Netflix + our favorite daytime TV shows (LIVE with Kelly and Micheal, The Price is Right, Ellen, and Bethenny).

Big feet, little feet.
Four more Mondays to try and convince your puppy brother that you just can’t throw things yet.
Sharing is caring.

Four more Mondays to enjoy our trips to Target, car rides to enjoy the leaves changing colors, and Starbucks pit-stops. 

Someone wasn’t too impressed with Target.

Four more Mondays to fold laundry and look down to see you watching me with a sweet look on your face.

Your faces are priceless.

Four more Mondays to look at your beautiful face and try to predict what you’re thinking.

“Um, I wouldn’t wear that if I were you…”

Four more Mondays to be mismatched twins together (and for me to live in my comfortable yoga pants)!!

“Mom, whathca thinking by keeping me down here with your smelly feet!?”

Four more Mondays to see that smiling face after you’re done with your bottle.

I obviously love this picture because I’ve used it in my last 3 or so blog posts!

Four more Mondays to watch you sleep and wonder what you’re dreaming about…

Fact: You snore loudly like your father.

Four more Mondays to watch you make hilarious faces while you sit in your “old man chair” and poop.

“You don’t want to change this one….”

Four more Mondays to watch Bandit slowly creep up to you and give you kisses on your cheek.

You’ll be the best of friends.

Four more Mondays to enjoy afternoon walks together on beautiful Fall days.

My loves.

Four more Mondays to snuggle with you AND Bandit at the same time.

Seriously – how adorable is this moment?

I realize that I can still enjoy these moments and memories with you once I return to work.

I will still take lots of pictures of you, snuggle with you, and dress you in mismatched outfits.

I will still play with you, run errands with you, and melt every single time you smile at me.

Yes, you certainly are handsome.

But returning to work will be hard.

So hard.

8 full hours away from you.

8 full hours that I have to trust someone to care for you, love you, and keep you happy and well.

8 full hours to imagine what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and if you’re missing me too.

But instead of being sad and worrying about that sad morning when I’ll drop you off at daycare for the first time, I’m trying my hardest to remain happy and thankful for the FULL days we have left together.

We still have four more Mondays together….

Much love,


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