My Favorite Face

just can’t handle Coop (in a good way). 
He is so adorable. 
And hilarious. 
I take about 32 pics of him each day!! I’m sure you have noticed – unless my obsessive posts took over your newsfeed and you deleted or blocked me.
But I think that is just crazy – who wouldn’t want to see this cuteness every single day!? 
My heart: 

Coop has made this whole being a mom experience pretty amazing. Just a few minutes ago, I cried just looking at him. 
And as I write this blog post from my phone, he is laying in my arms. Sleeping.
And smiling. 
Sleeping and smiling and laughing – the triple threat of cuteness. 
I know everyone says this, but I have the sweetest, best baby in the world. And I wouldn’t trade this love I feel for anything in the world. No job or fancy home or diamond or vacation or wardrobe could ever fill my heart with this much love and pride. 
I just feel so complete when I look into his eyes. And he smiles or makes a hilarious expression. 
How did I ever get so lucky!? I’ll never stop counting my blessings and being thankful for this life I live…
Much love, 


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