A Letter to My Son: Month 2

Dear Cooper, 

One year ago, I blew out birthday candles and made a wish for you.

You were the only gift I wanted. 

I remember feeling the heartbreak of a negative pregnancy test month after month. But looking back – I am reminded that everything happens for a reason.

Those negative tests.

Those tears.

Those heartaches – all brought me to you. 

And now that I have you, the only birthday wish I’ll ever have is for your continued health and happiness.

Which, by the way, you’re the happiest baby in the ENTIRE universe.

Big smiles.

On Thursday, you turned 8 weeks old! Below you’ll find a few of the 20 pictures I took of you that day:

You make my heart melt.

I think you’re farting in this picture.
You get it honest.

Puppy brother loves you VERY much.
He never leaves your side.

I am in complete shock (and denial) that you’re already 8 weeks old. I cherish our days together so much. And the thought of returning to work completely breaks my heart. I know we still have another four weeks together, but I just can’t bare the thought of leaving you with a woman I barely know.
You won’t hear my voice when you’re scared or upset.

You won’t hold my hand when you’re eating.

You won’t feel my beating heart when you lay down for a nap.

And you won’t see my face when you wake up from each nap.

My eyes are burning as they fill up with tears…thinking about the moments I’ll miss and minutes – no seconds- we will spend apart from each other every single day. 

I hate to think of the morning that I must drop you off and don’t return for 8 hours. I hope your babysitter is prepared to send me hourly updates and pictures.  Seriously- at minimum.

But I am so happy that I’ll be working part time – I will be taking one day off each week so I can spend it with you. We can do WHATEVER you want! For now, I’m sure our days will include jamming on your kicking piano.

And of course, we will spend time snuggling together and catching up on everything I missed earlier in the week while you were at daycare.

But eventually we can take trip to the zoo to see the fun animals. Maybe one day I’ll even let you pet a shark!

We can visit the Children’s Museum to dig up fossils, learn about history and animals, and play with new friends!

We can go play at the park – I’ll swing you until my arms hurt and go down all of the slides with you.

We will go runs and walks with Bandit, run errands together, and simply enjoy our day- mom and Coop day.

Oh the memories we will make…I can’t wait!

Speaking of memories, here is a snapshot of some of my favorite moments from weeks 4-8:

You and your daddy started reading together.

Insert my heart melting.
We drove around together to watch the changing of the leaves. Fall is my favorite time of year.
“MOM! I love Fall too!”

 You went to your very first football game to watch your Uncle Loshe walk during senior night!

We’re so proud of you Uncle Loshe!
All bundled up and watching the football game.

You are getting stronger and stronger each day, but sometimes tummy time just isn’t your thing.

I’m bored. Where is my piano?

My heart skips a beat when I hear you laugh and see you smile – which is always.

Yes, you’re already wearing Christmas jammies.
Tis’ the season!

You continue to make hilarious facial expressions and noises during bath time.

And apparently I have a bald spot in the back of my head?

We went to your cousin Braxen’s birthday party – it had a camo theme. You loved it so much that you slept the entire time.

Sleeping with Nana.

You had the biggest blow out ever and made the most awkward, hilarious face for about 15 minutes until I noticed that spot of poo on your belly.

“Hey mom. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I continue to constantly watch you while you sleep. You look so happy and peaceful – and my favorite is when I catch you smiling or laughing in your sleep.

Sweet baby dreams.

I also continue to take a million pictures of you each day. I never want to miss a moment.

This might be my favorite collection of your facial expressions.

 And now you’re starting to notice that I am always creeping on you and taking pictures.

Busted! You caught me snapping your pic.

My chest remains your favorite place to sleep.

And I must admit,  having you sleep on my chest is my favorite too.

Dad continues to be the BEST ever – helping us by cooking dinner each night, feeding you, and wrapping you up in your Nemo robe after bath time. Watching you and your father together is the best feeling…

I fall more in love with you both each and every single day.

We’re so happy we found you, little Nemo.

Your grandparents own a shoe store in Richmond – the store has been in the family for YEARS! And each year, mommy and daddy go back to help at the annual shoe sale. This year, you came to help us too!

Taking names and descriptions of people as they walk into the store!

We matched! Twinsies!

Daddy would come snuggle with you when he had a “free” minute.

And Grandma Sieb loved snuggling with you each night.
We were ALL exhausted after the long day.

People kept asking if they could buy YOU!
So we put this sign up!

You got changed on the famous bath tub couch!
Your daddy got changed on this when he was your age and went to the shoe store!

 We celebrated your first Halloween!

I love that you’re smiling in this picture.

You dressed up as a fox while we passed out Halloween candy.
And you were passed out / sleeping the entire time.

We were The Hangover crew for Halloween.
It was amazing.
One day you’ll watch this movie. It’ll be a classic.

 Mommy’s little pumpkin butt.

What did the fox say!?

Mommy’s friend Sarah from On a Good Note made you personalized thank you cards!

How amazing and talented is Sarah!?

 You are slowly starting to grow more hair, but for now – you still have a mullet going on. Don’t worry, your father and I BOTH had mullets. We’re awesome.

Team mullet.

Your puppy brother never leaves your side. Nap time or feeding time or bath time- you can count on him to be right next to us!

My boys.

Mommy and daddy went on their first date night without you. We missed you 2 seconds after we pulled out of the drive way.

Um hi, can our baby come? We miss him.
Why are we so awkward?

 And I was SO happy to get home with you and do what we do best- SNUGGLE!

You’re my whole world.

OH and how could I forget!! You finally got to meet Sarah and Dusty, your long-distance friends from San Francisco!

I think you have a crush on Sarah.

And today, we went shopping together. You must love shopping as much as your father because you slept the entire time!

I was happy to find this shirt for $11 at Banana Republic!
AND I fit into a size large again. Whoop whoop!

As you can tell, we’ve had an amazing four weeks together. On Wednesday, we have your 2 month doctor’s appointment. I’m making your daddy come along because you are getting your shots. And I’m sure that will make both of us (you and me) tear up! Daddy better be strong or they better have shot of vodka there for me. Either way, I’m excited to see how much you’ve grown. And our hope is to hear that you’re still a very healthy, happy, and perfect baby boy.

Thank you for being an incredible baby.

You’ve given me a new purpose in life.

You’ve taught me patience.

You’ve inspired me to love harder and cherish each and every second we spend together. 

And you’ve stretched my heart and the ability to love to unimaginable depths. 

Being your mother is the most amazing and joyful gift in this entire world. This birthday and all my birthdays to come will be complete with you in my life.

Much love,

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