Never Trust a Girl If Her Thighs Don’t Touch: Part 2

If you’re a frequent blog reader, you might recall reading about my drip to Washington, DC to visit one of my good friends and her husband.

While we had a blast catching up with Britt and Jimmy + eating delicious food, there is no doubt that all the walking took a tole on my pregnant body. We literally walked 7 miles one day.

Now obviously all that walking (especially when you’re five months pregnant) can result in some serious chaffing. I’ve been a chaffer for as long as I can remember. I think I was born with my thighs stuck together (kidding). But pregnancy just fueled the chaffing fire.

Skin-to-skin chaffing can result in a serious rash (as some of you probably know from experience). But you can also experience chaffing when you’re wearing leggings or jeans – if your thighs tough when you walk- then will chaff one way or another. As a result, many of may pants thin out in the inner thigh area.

Now yesterday, I tried on a pair of my pre-baby jeans! I have been SO nervous to dust off my “skinny” jeans and try them on…I was worried they wouldn’t even go up my bigger thighs and wider hips. And I didn’t want to get discouraged. I’ve been doing SO good on my Advocare 24-Day Challenge…I’m down 6 lbs (almost 7), my energy levels are incredbile, my wedding ring fit again, and I just feel healthier overall.

But because all of my leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants seemed to be in the washer at the same exact time (bad laundry day planning on my part), I had no other choice…

And- to my surprise – THE JEANS FIT!!!!

Kim Kardashian, this is a REAL new mom / back side selfie.

I was BEYOND excited. Sure, I had a LITTLE bit of a muffin top- but wearing the right top can cover that bad boy up while maintaining my new confience!

But my excitement was short lived…

Cooper started to wake up so I bent down to pick him up from his bouncy chair and that’s when it happened.

(Insert crotch / inner thigh ripping sound).


The infamous rip.
So I tried on another pair of jeans, but they were tigther.

Now I could button them. And they would stay buttoned if I didn’t breathe or move. Considering how that’s not a viable option, I busted out my bella band and decided to rock the jeans anyway – reminding me of my early pregnancy days.

“Mom, it’s OK! I still love you even if you rip your pants while picking up the baby.” – Bandit

And this experience further supports why I STILL don’t trust a woman if her thighs don’t touch.

Final side note (which also appeared in my first post): If your thighs do touch, I am only kidding. Good for you – now go eat a burger and fries (with ranch dressing ) for me!!

Much love,

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