A Word To The Wise

Today’s topic!
It’s the best gift you can ever receive or give. 
My grandma taught me this life lesson very early on. She would always thank me for my phone calls, visits, and laughs. 
“Honey girl- thank you for your time,” she always tells me. “You always give your time and I’m so thankful….”
If you know my grandma Kaye – then you’ll understand that spending time with her is not a chore or hassle. She is the funniest and kindest woman I know. 
Cheers to this fabulous lady!

As I lay on the couch with a sleepy baby on my chest, I am reminded that the wisest decision I made this year had to do with time
The time I took off from work to be with my son
Holding hands and watching The Price is Right.
Coop wants to be the next contestant!

Early in my pregnancy and even before I had a kid, I always thought I would be eager to return to work after having my babes. 
Speaking at a marketing conference in Chicago while 6.5 months pregnant!

“I would go crazy being a stay at home mom,” I would say. 

“I’ll really miss adult interaction and having time for myself,” I would add. 
But now that I have my sweet baby here with me…I am reminded that I was way wrong
I go crazy at the thought of leaving him. 
I would stay home in a heartbeat. But my gut tells me that I need to try working. I have an ideal situation with a 4 day work week (every Thursday is Coop day) and a home daycare that adores Cooper! Best of all, the daycare is literally right down the road from our house! 
As for adult interaction and me time, I get plenty of that! Whether it’s a trip to the gym or a hot bath- I always find a way to get some time for myself (and Bandit)!
A relaxing walk on a beautiful December day.

I know that new moms get a ton of advice, so I won’t lecture or preach on this topic! 
I certainly won’t judge!!! 
Every mother must do what is best for their family. 
If you can afford to take the extra time off with your kiddo, I encourage you to take it!
 I’ve literally enjoyed every single minute with Cooper.

Baby laughs  = music to your ears.

BUSTED: Coop caught me snapping his picture again.
Sure – I didn’t get paid the full 12 weeks off from work, but I wouldn’t trade these days for any amount of money. I’ve learned to make scarifies and I think harder about making any purchases.
I eat a ton of leftovers.
I barely visit Starbucks (unless I have a gift card). Home-brewed coffee isn’t so bad!
I only bought ONE pair of boots for the season (unlike last year when I stocked up on 4 pair!!).
I’m perfectly fine having dinner dates with my husband at home.
I’ll be OK wearing “last season’s” sweaters and dresses.
I don’t attend happy hours (and to be honest – the thought of a hangover while caring for a baby sounds awful!).
But as I read through the list of  “sacrifices” – I am reminded most of these are material items or experiences. And at the end of the day – that’s all they are…materials. I have a quote in our bedroom that says:
“The best things in life aren’t things.”
I am reminded of that quote daily.
It’s truly crazy how children change you
But a good kind of crazy! 
My kind of crazy.
Silly face selfies.

My final word to the wise – give the gift of time whenever possible. 
Whether it’s a visit with your grandma, an email to an old friend, a phone call with someone you miss, a lunch date with someone special, or even a 12 week maternity leave with your babes- you’ll never regret spending time with the people you love the most
ALSO: To all the moms who can’t take a full 12 weeks off (either due to a work schedule or other financial / personal reasons) – YOU ARE STILL AMAZING MOMS! You’re doing great. This is just my take on the subject based on my personal situation. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad for doing what’s best for you and your family.
Much love, 

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