A Positive Self Perception

I’m trying to play catch up on my Think Kit blog posts… Who knew blogging once a day would be so hard!? 

Anyway, here is the topic from yesterday: 
At first, I thought of my body. 
What do I want my body to look like in 2014? 
Last night, I tried on a dress that I wore one year ago. 
I looked in the mirror and noticed all the ways that my body has changed since pregnancy

My hips. 

My curves. 

My thighs. 

And because I am a selfie-aholic, I remembered taking a picture when I first found this dress! Just for curiosity to see how my body had changed over the year, I did a side-by-side comparison. 

The changes to my body were immediately obvious. Sure, I have about 15 lbs to hit before I’ll weigh the same as I did in the picture on the left…
But after studying the picture, I realized that I am proud of these child bearing hips. And I love my curves! 
So instead of focusing on my body – I’ve decided to focus on my self-perception! As women we can be extremely hard on ourselves about our body. We seem to notice every flaw – every stretch mark – every glimpse of cellulite. And new moms can be even harder on themselves because they have unrelatiatic expectations or hopes to quickly return to their pre-baby body! It took 9 months to gain that weight and grow your baby – so it will take a good amount of time to “return” to your old size again. 
So instead of saying I want my body to look a certain way or I want to be in a certain pant size…I am taking a different approach! 
I want to have a healthy mind as I continue to tone and strengthen my new body! With a positive outlook, confidence, and a belief in myself – I am certain I can achieve my health and fitness goals – one of them being to complete a sprint triathlon in the summer!! 
You often hear stories of amazing and inspiring people – people who do something against all odds. 
And what do they all have in common?!? 
They don’t let anyone hold them back. 
They believe in themselves. 
They push themselves. 
They fight with everything they have! 
So in 2014- I plan to keep my head high, believe in myself, and push myself to new limits! 
As a result, I should lose that 15 lbs and then some. 
I should have a toned body. 
I should have a medal for another half marathon. 
I should have an amazing finisher picture for my first sprint triathlon. 
I should have a positive self perception that keeps me fighting on and believing in myself (and anything that I set my mind and heart to accomplishing). 
And it’s going to be a fun and exciting journey…I have Cooper to help keep me inspired and on track with all my health goals! I get tears in my eyes just imagining what it will be like to see, hug, and kiss Cooper on the finish line of my next half marathon. 
Much love, 

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