A New Year, A New Blog

I once read that the most successful blogs have a theme. A constant drumbeat of stories that connect people together.

By focusing on a particular topic, readers know what to expect. They can quickly decide if your stories (and life) are worth following.

Motherhood has changed me for the best.

Cooper 1

It’s so true that you can’t explain the love you feel for your child until you see them, hold them, and watch them grow. Being a mother is the best gift and birthing a child is nothing short of a miracle.

Cooper 3

Writing and being a mom are my two biggest life passions- and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

So, on the first day of 2014 – I am excited to share with you my new blog.

“After the Bump” symbolizes many things for me.

A new life as a mother.

A fresh start.

A rewarding journey.

And I can’t wait to stories about motherhood, life, happiness, and maybe even another pregnancy.

Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant yet, but I am already eager to have Baby #2. Some people think I’m crazy, but I LOVED every second of my pregnancy and Cooper fills my life with such passion and purpose. Of course I’d love to have another child to share this new life with Cooper, Justin, Bandit, and all of YOU!

Happy Holidays from The Siebs!

Don’t worry, I was able to import all of my old stories and posts…so I haven’t lost any of my previous stories by using this new blog. I know, I know- you’ll sleep easier at night knowing this fun fact.

Thanks for following along. It’s going to be an exciting ride.

And before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a wonderful evening and brought in the New Year with the people you love most by your side. Here are a few pictures from our night:

new yerars eve cooper and justin
My handsome guys- all set to celebrate 2014 in style!
photo 2
My little love who stayed up until midnight!!!
photo 1
My first kiss of 2014!
First family photo of 2014!
First family photo of 2014!

Much love,


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