One Week Can Make a Big Difference

Left = Last Week
Right = Today
Difference = 3 lbs lost!

You’ll have bad days.

Days that seem to last forever.

Days when you eat everything that comes into your path!

Days when you feel too tired- too weak – to burnt out.

Days when the last place you want go is the gym.

Days when you are so tired that you could sleep under your desk or in your car during your lunch break.

But more often than not, if you maintain the right attitude and keep a happy heart – you’ll have great days.

Days where you challenge yourself.

Days when you eat so healthy that you want to share your food log with Chris Powell himself.

Days where you hit new goals and push your body to new limits.

Days where you bust out of your shell and try a new exercise that you KNOW you couldn’t do just weeks before….

Keep your head high.

Don’t give up.

Dig deep to find an ounce of energy and get to the gym.  I’ve NEVER regretted a good workout.

Eat clean and skip the soda!

Because good days lead to great weeks.

And great weeks lead to amazing results.

I’m still in shock that I managed to lose 3 lbs last week.


Even better? I’m feeling stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

With my little love on Friday. Happy 1/2 birthday, Coop!
With my little love on Friday. Happy 1/2 birthday, Coop!

Much love,


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