Jumping Outside My Comfort Zone

In the past, I’ve given up easily.

I’ve let bad days turn into bad weeks.

I’ve let cheat meals turn into cheat days.

I’ve let emotions determine my eating habits.

I’ve let stress keep me locked indoors and away from the gym.

And most importantly, I’ve let the scale rule my world.

But let me tell you something….and you better listen closely: the scale isn’t everything!

When I started focusing on my fitness level and improving my eating habits, my entire world turned around. I was energized for the day. I wasn’t letting food consume my every thought. My every plan. My every emotion. I found myself simply happy by being healthy and active!

I turned food into fuel- instead of pure

I used that fuel to gain energy for the gym! And while at the gym, I was open minded and willing to try new things. I refused to waste my time slowly hopping around on the elliptical. I stopped letting the weights, machines, and crossfit exercises intimate me.

I stayed away from the scale for a few weeks…and then only weighed myself once a week (at most).

In the beginning, I gained weight. I told myself not to get discouraged. I told myself that I’m kicking butt at the gym and the results will come in the form of looser clothes, tighter abs, and a toned booty!

And guess what?! I was right! I’ve lost 54 lbs since Coop was born. And even though the scale isn’t everything, I am the lowest I’ve been in 2 years! I also know my body is getting more toned and solid because Justin can’t keep his hands off me!

For further proof that the scale isn’t your only source of success, consider that the difference between the photos below is only 25 lbs.


Bonus points if you find Bandit!!!

But guess what?! When I first got those shorts for my birthday (the day that the picture on the left was taken), I couldn’t even get the shorts past my thighs!

I’ve been trying really hard to keep myself inspired and on track. It’s so easy to slip up. And do things like eat 4 pieces of bacon and mimosas for breakfast because it’s Mother’s Day.


But when you work hard, you deserve a break. A coworker today reminded me that everything is fine in moderation. And he’s right- I’m trying not to be too hard on myself.

And I am trying even harder to build up the courage to start swimming and training for my sprint triathlon. I got my runs in last week, but I didn’t make it the pool. I’m not officially training until early June, but I’m using these first few weeks to get comfortable with my new routine.

I’m scared to swim because I scared to look like a fool. I’m not afraid of the water. I mean, I’ve been a water bug for as long as I can remember. But swimming competitively and for exercise feels much different than playing Marco Polo with my sisters.

But, alas, I am jumping outside my comfort zone! I’ll let you know how it goes….until then, I dare YOU to jump outside your comfort zone soon. And tell me all about it!

Much love,


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