A Letter to My Son: Month 11

Dear Cooper,

11 months old! How is this possible?

It seems like just yesterday I was 40.5 weeks pregnant with you. I was waddling around the neighborhood, eating spicy foods, and bouncing on an exercise ball in hopes I’d meet you soon!

Now, here you are – filling out lives with such joy, love, laughter, sleep depreciation, poop explosions, and adorable baby blabber.

A lot of people get sad about their children growing up. They say it goes too quickly.

Let me be the first to tell you (and agree) – yes, time flies.

Everyone is right when they say: the days are long, but the years are short.

But I’ve enjoyed every single minute we’ve shared together. Even on the most restless and sleepless nights, I still find myself in tears as I hold you close on my chest. So near and dear to my heart.

I remember feeling so scared to leave the hospital with you, though.

“DO we just walk out?” I asked your daddy, shocked that these nurses and doctors thought we could be responsible for you.

Is there more training on this parenting thing?

Do we get a nurse to stay with us for the next month? Or year even?

But alas, we left and drove home as a family of three. You were silent the whole way home. You didn’t cry once, which made me paranoid. Is everything OK back there? Is he breathing? Did we buckle him in OK? Don’t drive too quickly!

I’ve made a decision to NOT be sad about you turning one. While I can’t promise I won’t cry happy tears, I know that I’ll be thrilled to celebrate one whole year with you in our lives.

I firmly believe that growing old is a privilege.

It’s an honor.

Not everyone gets to see their children grow up.

Not all kids make it to the first birthday.

Not everyone can experience the joys and celebrations of turning another year older.

I’ll always be happy to watch you grow.

I’ll always be thankful for each and every day we get to share together.

My heart will fill with joy as I get the blessing of being your mother each and every day. I can truly think of nothing else in this world that makes me feel more whole or complete.

So as we head into Month 11 and we trek forward to year ONE, I want you to know that I couldn’t be happier to celebrate your birthday.

I couldn’t more excited to see you attempt to shovel cake into your face.

Although, something tells me you’ll feed everything to puppy brother and laugh as his licks your fingers and little toes.

What did the past month look like for us?

We had, as always, many exciting and fun-filled moments with minimal sleep (you little night owl). If you don’t start sleeping through the night soon, I’ll remove all the owl decorations from your room and decorate your room in everything SHEEP!

Anyway, let’s recap a few of my favorite moments!

We got you some walking shoes, little man!




We bought a membership to the Indy zoo and made many trips there this summer!




You learned how to give kisses!!! They are the most adorable and awkward kisses ever and my heart EXPLORES every single time you give me a smooch!


You have EIGHT, yes I repeat EIGHT teeth! Those little chompers are adorable! While I miss you little “gummy” smile at times, I love seeing those little teeth pop through when you laugh and smile.


You started standing up more and pulling yourself up on everything! You are now walking sideways along the couch. Once you get moving, we are ALL in big, big trouble!


You are the pickiest eater. You continue to LOVE your shredded cheese and dog food. Yes, I said dog food. I can’t keep you out of that bowl for more than a second!


You started to rock in your little rocking chair, which used to be your daddy’s! It’s super adorable when you really get going. You remind me to find happiness in the most small and simple moments in life.



We had your first trip to the Indiana State Fair!! You did great – until the very end.








And you made it very clear that our time was over. And we must leave RIGHT this moment.



Mommy and daddy also had their first big night away from you! We stayed the night in a hotel (I won a free night stay by entering a selfie contest), went to an Indianapolis Indian’s baseball game, and road in a carriage ride around the city. We had a wonderful time, but I missed you a LOT.

I kept texting Nana and saying:

How’s Cooper doing?

What’s Cooper doing?

Is Coop having fun?

What’s he doing now?

Can you send me a picture?

How is everyone?

I’m going to bed- but just checking in one more time…

Just call me crazy. Or mom. Either one will work!


We celebrated Month 11 by eating shredded cheese! You, of course, had to show me that you are “sooooooo big” and spread cheese all over your head. It was adorable. And we laughed really hard together. I live for moments like that….





So little man, I’ve got your birthday outfit ready.



I’ve got the party plans made.

I’ve got the menu picked out.

And I’m so excited to celebrate this incredible year with you in our lives.

You are my everything.


And then some.

With a cherry on top.

Much love,


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