My Year In One Photo

I’m taking part in a writing project through Smallbox called, Think Kit. Each day, they email me (and many others) a writing prompt.

Here is today’s prompt:


It’s no secret that I’ve been MIA on my blog lately. I’ve been working on a blog post to explain my absence for about 2 months, but can’t seem to finish the post. But, I will share my story soon! And I owe Cooper his 12 month letter, which I’ve been majorly procrastinating!

At first, I thought this writing prompt would be impossible to write. There are so many pictures that could symbolize 2014. How can I possibly sort through the 4,000 pictures I snapped (mainly of Cooper) and determine the best ones?

Once I opened my phone and searched photo library, I knew I didn’t have to search too far for the right pictures to share.

I only needed one picture.

One picture that sums up the chaos of my year.

The happiness.

The sadness.

The wildness.

The unpredictablness (yes, I just made up that word).


Being a mother is the most wonderful and scary experience in the world.

On Saturday evening, Coop was being silly and playing a game of peek-a-boo with his PJs. He started walking across the room and tripped over a Christmas bag.

His perfect and beautiful face went smashing into the fireplace.

That sound will never, ever escape me. I rushed over to him and tucked him into my arms.

That’s when Justin noticed the bleeding.

When you get any sort of cut on your face, you bleed like crazy! But that fact didn’t stop me from wanting to straight up panic when I saw blood gushing from my son’s face.

I was covered in blood.

He was covered in blood.

I handed him to Justin and went into the living room to get his diaper bag.

“We are going to the ER!!!” I said.

Justin agreed and I took Cooper back into my arms. He was screaming as we packed him into the car and placed a paper towel on his forehead to keep pressure on his wound.

I wanted to puke and cry. I wanted to go back in time and tell him to stay away from the fireplace. Pick up that bag. Or even get the foam covering back onto the edges of the fireplace (our old padding wasn’t sticking well and Coop just picked it up whenever he wanted).

We got into the car and Coop calmed down. He was sleepy before the accident happened, so I was doing my best to keep him awake.

I was scared shitless, but didn’t want Coop to know.

I couldn’t let him know.

Children feed off our emotions and at that moment, I needed a baby calm.

“The last time mommy and daddy rushed to the hospital, you were in my belly!!” I said to him. “And we were so anxious to meet you! We hit every single red light on the way to the hospital…”

I glanced up at another red light.

“Just like we are doing today!” I said. “So many red lights!!”

I told him more stories and sang him Taylor Swift songs (because I’m crazy obsessed with her new CD)!

t swift

Cooper didn’t cry much – unless I tried to touch his open wound with the napkin.

And thankfully, we only waited in the lobby for about 10 minutes and we went back to our room.

The nurse was amazing and kind- I appreciated her so much. Coop was calm and Justin did his best to make me smile, despite our circumstances.

We found the best in the situation and agreed everything could have been way worse.

The doctor came in and checked out Coop! She told us our options and said he would definitely need 2-3 stitches.

The nurses applied some numbing medicine to his wound and let it set for 30 minutes.

I was laying on the bed with Coop wrapped tightly into my arms and we all slowly drifted to sleep. I stayed up most of the time though, only dozing off for a few seconds at a time.


The doctor was back into the room about 30 minutes later, as promised.

Coop was waking up from his nap when the procedure started. I wrapped my legs over his, held down his arms, and Justin distracted him with the phone. Another nurse held his head and the doctor started the stitches.

I was totally shocked, but Coop was completely still and didn’t even cry once!! He did amazing, but I think my iPhone and the great doctor + nurse had a lot to do with our calm experience.

That crazy, scary, and hectic day all ended with a smiling kid and mom.

We snapped a picture to send to family and tell the story of Coop’s new battle wound. And yes, that’s the same picture as above – you aren’t losing your mind!


Of course, that smile melted my heart. But that picture sums up a lot of this year.

I’ve had such an emotional, crazy, scary, and happy year. And I could spend all night searching for adorable pictures and sharing amazing memories.

But I’ll save some of those pictures and stories for my other writing prompts! Plus, I’m pretty darn tired and ready for bed!!

But before I go, just know that my heart feels happy right now. It feels so good to be back.

Back to writing.

And back to being myself.

P.S. No one panic! Cooper is doing amazing and acting like his normal, happy, silly, dramatic, and hilarious self!!


Much love,


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