If I Had a Magic Wand…

Magic WandMy first reaction was to play it safe and say I would create world peace, cure cancer, or make evil disappear in this world.

While I want to live a happier, safer, and healthier world- I wanted to take a different approach and provide a different perspective. I would use my magic wand to make self-doubt disappear.

Why eliminate self-doubt?

Because I think that if we all stopped doubting ourselves so much, we could change our world. We could inspire world peace, cure cancer, and make evil disappear.

Self-doubt goes hand-in-hand with fear and self-worth. When people are fearful and don’t believe in themselves, they often do NOTHING.

They feel stuck.

They feel helpless.

They feel trapped.

They just sit back and let the waves of life wash over them!

Self-doubt is what keeps people from trying something new.

From throwing themselves out there.

From jumping outside their comfort zone.

Maybe someone has a brilliant idea to organize an event or campaign that will inspire peace and end violence…but they’re afraid they don’t have the manpower, resources, or connections to make it work. So, they do nothing. And the world doesn’t change.

Maybe someone has an idea or theory to cure cancer, but they’re afraid it’ll fail. So, they do nothing. And the world doesn’t change.

This is where I’d bust out that magical wand and make all of the self doubt disappear – not just for me – but for us ALL!

Each day, I work harder at eliminating my own self-doubt.Unfortunately, I don’t have any brilliant ideas to cure cancer or inspire world peace (yet, I’m working on it)!

But maybe I’ll sign up for that yoga class I’ve been too nervous to attend on my own.

Or I’ll sign up for a triathlon again.

Start writing my book.

Learn to cook.

Explore a new place.

I’ll do a lot of incredible things…you can do incredible thing. If only I eliminate we eliminate self-doubt.

Let’s make a deal, shall we?

I’ll stop letting self-doubt win – starting now(ish)! I’ll sign up for that triathlon once it’s open. And I’ll start writing my book after the Think Kit project ends. I’ll make a holiday dish that I’ve never made before (sorry all my buffalo chicken dip lovers). And I’ll explore somewhere new over my holiday break between jobs.

This is my magic wand. It's just disguised as a blue ink pen.
This is my magic wand. It just happens to be disguised as a blue ink pen.

What are you going to do?!

Oh, and if I could bribe the genie for ONE more wish, I would make the McRib sandwich disappear forever. Because that’s truly the most disgusting sandwich to ever live.


Just reading the sign “MCRIB IS BACK” makes me want to vomit in my mouth.

No doubt about it.

Much love,


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