Think Kit Update: I’m Running Behind

Hi friends!

This will literally be the shortest blog post I ever write.


I’m running behind on my Think Kit blog posts. I’m super disappointed that I didn’t make it all 31 days in a row, but not entirely surprised. My sweet baby Coop has croup AND a double ear infection. I’m about to turn him into the next “bubble boy” if he doesn’t stop catching infectious diseases every single week…

Still the cutest babes ever, though.

Still the cutest babes ever, though.

Anyway, my time has been spent snuggling with him and trying to make Coop feel better. But despite his double whammy of illnesses, he still loves to do things like this:


Who wants to watch a movie?

So I’m super exhausted, yet our bed is COVERED in clean clothes that need put away. But there is a good chance I’ll just pass out on top of all of those clothes because….

sleeping is my friend

And I’ll just show up at the office looking and running around Andy Dwyer style:

andy runningI hope you all had a lovely weekend.

PS When is Parks & Rec returning? I’m clearly having withdrawals.

Much love,

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