Work, Home, and Netflix

Third Place

We don’t have cable at home. In fact, we haven’t had cable in our house since we moved  nearly 4 years ago! At the time, we spent a lot of time on “the go” and we could spend that money elsewhere.

Flash forward a few years and we now spend more time at home than EVER before. I love being at home more, actually. I look forward to Friday nights where I can lay in my comfy yoga pants and watch Parks & Rec until I can’t see straight anymore.

A few of my very favorite Netflix shows include:

  • Parks & Recreation (I’ve LITERALLY watched all the seasons about 4 times now)
  • Parenthood (my current obsession)
  • Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure)
  • Gossip Girl (even more guilty pleasure – Chuck Bass- check please)
  • House of Cards (so intense!)
  • Orange is the New Black (so….???)
  • Arrow (I mainly just drool over the actor)
  • Prison Break (so much suspense and action – loved it)

Honestly, most of these shows can be associated with a current phase in my pregnancy / first year of motherhood:

  • Parks & Recreation (pregnancy: before, during, and after – forever & always)
  • Parenthood (11 months old)
  • Pretty Little Liars (pregnancy and 3 months old)
  • Gossip Girl (pregnancy)
  • House of Cards (pregnancy and 4 months old)
  • Orange is the New Black (pregnancy and 4 months old)
  • Arrow (5 months old)
  • Prison Break (pregnancy and the first few weeks of the newborn days — so, I barely remember the final few seasons)

At first, I felt disappointed that I didn’t have something more inspiring for you to read such as:

Work, Home, and Volunteering 100 Hours


Work, Home, and Marathon Training


Work, Home, and Inspiring World Peace

But the reality is my life is slowing down. I’m pretty obsessed my 8 p.m. bedtime. I look forward to cooking dinner at home with my family. I enjoy playing on the ground with Cooper and Bandit. And I love hearing the Parks & Rec theme song play and watching Coop dance along with me.

I’ll volunteer more soon.

I’ll train for another half marathon one day.

And I’ll inspire world peace by paying for the person’s Starbucks drink behind (like I did today).

Until then, I’ll keep watching my Netflix shows and enjoy my “own” sense of peace.

Much love,


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