Goodbye 2014

“What are your goals and aspirations for 2015?” Justin asked me as we sat down at the restaurant yesterday for our post-workout lunch.

We just went swimming together. A sport I thought I’d enjoy! A sport I thought I’d be too ashamed to ever compete in. A sport I’d fear my body couldn’t keep up with.

But I was wrong.

Way wrong.

After 2  full laps, I was just getting started. Justin was leaning up against the wall for a moment and he looked at me in disbelief.

“You are a beast,” he said.

And that was the most beautiful thing he’s ever said to me.

No, but really. I was proud when he said that to me. I was thrilled he thought of me as a female Micheal Phelps. He didn’t have to say those words. I knew by the look in his eyes that he thought I was ready for the Olympics.

We finished our swim. I found Justin the lobby and he still had an amazed look on his face.

He reached out to give me a high five.

“Seriously babe,” he started. “I’m so impressed with you.”

I gave him my smirky smile and said, “I know.”

He laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“I’m lucky to have such a bad ass as my wife,” he said.

Back in the restaurant, I was still “high” from my workout and husband’s kind words.

“Well,” I said. “2014 sucked. I mean, we had our memories with Cooper and I love him larger than life. But I was really depressed. And felt lost. And trapped. I really didn’t love 2014. I’m ready to say goodbye.”

Justin nodded and agreed. 2014 was hard for both us. We are both BEYOND ready to start a New Year.

I rattled off my “wish-list” for 2015 – which has everything from hitting my 100 lb weight loss mark to attending church more regularly to taking Cooper to see the ocean for the first time to becoming the trivia dancer on LIVE with Kelly and Micheal!

We both agreed that we want our passion for health and fitness to continue! He agreed to support me and I equally agreed to support him. We shared our plans for evening walks, trips to the park, and even hiking trips!

“I’m not sure I’m ready to camp,” I said. “I really hate camping. I’m getting close, but…”

Flashback alert: I found this picture from the last time we went camping, which was in 2010. It was so incredibly hot and the park ranger told us a crazy lady with “the HIV” lived a few sites away and didn’t like campers. I was terrified the entire time. I managed to sneak off with with my best friend Toni and do something I actually enjoyed = ride a boat on the lake with a few of our other friends. When we got back to the camp site, Justin was passed out on the chair with his shirt off and bird shit on his stomach. It’s still one of my favorite memories of “drunk Justin.”


Justin laughed, he didn’t expect me to change THAT much over the next year.

Our beers arrived at the table and Justin lifted his beer in the air.

I followed and he said, “To the year of change.”

“And happiness,” I added.

Goodbye 2014. I’m ready to eat tacos, drink margaritas with my friends, and dance to Taylor Swift while the ball is dropping in NYC.

To conclude, here is one final fun flashback from NYE 2011…back when Bandit was an only child!


Much love,


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