The Busy Moments Are the Ones You’ll Miss

Most of our evenings go like this…

I try my hardest to avoid hitting rush-hour traffic so I can pick up Coop from daycare on time.

We get into the car and he’s a hot mess because he’s hungry. I give him Cheerios or a veggie pack to hold over his appetite. However, 75% of the time he just tosses the food across the car.

We hurry inside to eat dinner, but Coop begs to go outside and play with bubbles, flowers, and his favorite – Bandit.

Coop gets super ticked when I tell him we can’t go outside yet. He throws himself on the ground, and sometimes takes his rage out on the dog food. I’ll have my back turned as he’s making it rain with dog food and small brown dots are scattered all across the floor.

I finally get dinner done and he’s somehow annoyed with whatever I made. I suck up my pride and sprinkle on ranch dressing or cheese in hopes he eats what is on his plate. Other times he begs for a “cutie” and that’s the majority of what he eats…at least it’s a fruit!

Once dinner is over, we play or dance in the living room. And what that really means is…Coop dumps out his entire toy box and flips things upside down.

So I just lay on the ground and smile like I don’t really care…

Truth be told, I don’t really care that much. The house can be cleaned when the little one is sleeping peacefully upstairs. I suppose it’s a blessing and curse that a “messy” house doesn’t drive me crazy.

Once the destruction is over, we take a bath. We both love bath time! He will walk over the stairs and say, “Bath!”

He points as he walks upstairs, often times he turns around to make sure I’m not too far behind him. If I am lucky, he sneaks me a kiss (and my heart explodes into a million pieces)!

Once bath time is over, we read about 27 stories. Ok fine, maybe only 5, but nights like tonight I’m certain I read him at least 10 stories if you count the repeats.

Tonight was the first night I’ve been able to follow this busy evening tradition since Saturday.

I somehow messed up my back again! Two slipped disc, misaligned hips, and a pinched sciatic nerve is NOT an enjoyable experience.

This is me trying my hardest to stand straight:

I might be smiling in that picture, but that was truly the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. I would rather birth 5 children in one day than ever feel that way again.

I couldn’t walk.

I couldn’t shower.

I couldn’t get dressed.

I couldn’t eat at the dinner table.

I couldn’t get comfortable.

I physically and emotionally felt like I was run over repeatedly by a train.

Justin quickly took over the caretaker role for both Cooper and myself. One night, Justin brought me ice cream with fresh fruit and hand-shaved chocolate on top.

“EW! It looks like there are tiny ants on my ice cream!” – me “Babe, I hand-shaved that chocolate bar..” – Justin “You’re right! I shouldn’t complain…thanks boo!” (Justin walks out and my back spasm occurs)…

I was laying in bed eating the ice cream when my back had a spasm and pain shot through my entire body! I lost control of the bowl and it flew to the end of the bed. I couldn’t lean forward because my back felt locked up, so I used my foot to scoot the ice cream toward the side of my body. Once it got close enough, I leaned down on my side and ate the ice cream in fetal position. I’d have to say that was the funniest thing that’s happened to me in awhile and no one was there to see it happen except Bandit.

I felt awful that he was doing so much, but I could hardly function. I didn’t think I would ever walk normal again.

He was an absolute saint and I can’t even thank him enough for being so compassionate and wonderful us both!

A few days on steroids and pain medicine combined with a few chiropractor appointments – and I’m feeling so much better! I am stretching and moving my body in somewhat normal ways again!

I was shocked at how much I missed those busy evenings I would sometimes complain about…I mean, I don’t miss cleaning up tiny specks of dog food all across the kitchen, but I would do it every single night if that meant I never had to feel that pain again.

Life gets busy. There’s no denying it. I can’t tell you how many times I run into someone and ask them how they are doing.

“Ohhhhh man, I’m just so busy!” They often say.

Isn’t everyone? We all have something keeping us busy. Work, kids, school, exams, loved ones, treatments, and the everyday facts of life!

But I bet you’ll look back and miss some of these busy moments.

I know when evening falls and everyone is bed, I pull out my phone and look at pictures of Coop.

“I miss him! I want to snuggle him!” I will tell Justin.

Don’t let your busy season bog you down.

Find ways to embrace the busy.

Don’t get so caught up in little issues or tiny problems.

I find myself repeating a question I learned in a stress management class, “Will this matter a year from now?”

Most of the time, the answer is no.

And I always remind myself …

One day when you’re older and sitting in a quiet home, you will miss the chaos.

You will miss that little boy running up to you when you pick him up from daycare. You’ll do your best to remember those tiny feet running toward you as your baby boy shrieks with pure joy and love while saying, “Mommmmmmy!”

You will miss the little sweet face saying “bubbles” and pointing outside.

You will miss the toys laying around the house – a reminder of youth and innocence.

You will miss the singing and making soap mustaches during bath time.

You will miss those bedtime stories.

The busy moments are the ones you miss the most. I’m convinced of it…

What will you miss?

Much love,


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