It’s Not Goodbye, Indianapolis

“It’s not goodbye,” I said, as we all sat around sharing our favorite stories from high school. “It’s see you later!”

I was 18 years old and I didn’t want to say goodbye to my best friends. The next day, I was moving away to college. I was wildly excited about attending Ball State. I had dreamed of attending Ball State and going into the Journalism program ever since I attended a middle school newspaper workshop program.

I knew I wanted to write.

I knew I wanted to share stories.

I knew I wanted to walk around that campus.

I knew I wanted to live on my own.

I knew I wanted to make new friends and MAYBE find a boyfriend.

I knew I wanted to graduate, move to New York City, write for a fashion magazine, and travel the world.

That’s everything I knew at age 18.

I held back tears as I looked at my best friends sitting the circle. I knew our lives would change, most likely for the better. I knew there was a chance we would drift apart, but I would always love them. I would love them with all my heart and never, ever forget the memories we shared and made.

The road trips to other schools, the lakes, Cedar Point, and Spring Break trips!

The half-day Pizza Hut and Chinese buffet adventures.

The sporting events we all played and cheered each other on at each year.

The many days, evenings, and weekends we spent cruising around in my astro van, Big Blue!


The silly words and phrases we made up like saying we were “eating mashed potatoes” meant we were going to “find some beer”.

The heartbreaks.

The first loves.

The all nighters at Hart’s barn.

The bonfires.

The dance parties.

The beer pong, flippy cup, zoomie zoomie, and other random games we played and made up.

The times we just stayed up telling stories and laughing until 3 a.m.

I’m one of those crazy people that loved high school and it’s truly because I had the best friends in the whole world.

We said goodbye and I took all those memories with me in my new city, Muncie, Indiana.

I majored in Journalism with a focus on Public Relations – only after changing my major 42 times and switching colleges once.

I joined the University’s student-run magazine so I could tell stories and help run the PR department.

I explored every inch of that campus.

I lived with some of the best friends I’ve ever had and made some memories that shall remain nameless.

I made countless new friends and found that boyfriend, who turned into my husband.


I graduated (twice  – once with my Associates and once with my Bachelors), moved to Indianapolis, worked for technology company, and traveled as often as I could before I had my beautiful son, Cooper.

And here we are today – moving again.

That’s right.

The Sieb’s are moving out of Indianapolis and heading to Richmond, Indiana.

I find myself re-living all of the same thoughts about this city I love. The people I love. The places I love.

It’s not goodbye.

It’s not goodbye.

It’s not goodbye, I keep reminding myself.

It’s simply, “See you later!”

Justin got an incredible job opportunity that’ll put us closer to family. I couldn’t be more proud of the Justin and the hard work he’s invested into his career.

As we were laying in bed last night, I felt overwhelmed with emotions.

I’ve been incredibly stressed about the move.

Cleaning our house.

Listing our house.

House hunting in a new city.

All while raising my kiddo, working nearly full-time hours, and  training for a triathlon (that was AWESOME, by the way).


Justin surprised me with a gift for no reason last night. A new pair of sunglasses that I’ve been crushing over for weeks.

I found myself laying in bed thinking about how he ALWAYS puts me first.

In college, he was an RA (Resident Assistant)  so he had a meal plan included with his reimbursement for being an RA.

My meal plan was try to have enough money in my bank account so I could eat. I was working almost full-time and going to school and it was HARD! He would always use a portion of his meal plan balance for the day to get me food. Always.

When he preps dinner, he always brings me my plate first.

When we walk up the stairs, he always lets me go first – but I think that’s just so he can check out my booty.

He always sleeps closest to the door – in any room we sleep in – so that he can protect me if someone breaks in. It’s the silly, little things like that, which always prove that he loves me unconditionally.

So, how do I feel about the move?

I feel excited, nervous, happy, scared, terrified, anxious, positive,  and every other possible emotion.

Telling my job, friends, favorite doctors, and our amazing daycare about our move was the hardest part. I care so deeply about these people. Cooper loves them too! I pulled into Cassie (daycare)’s driveway today and Coop said, “Home!”

I’m sure it does feel like a second home to him. Cassie, her family, and those kids love Cooper with all their heart. Saying goodbye – saying see you later- it all hurts my heart.

I suppose everything is just bittersweet right now.

But the thing that keeps me mostly positive and pushing forward with this incredible life change is knowing how much Justin loves Cooper and me.

Here’s a new city.

A new home.

New adventures.

New friendships.

New firsts.



We were driving around looking at houses the other day and Justin said, “I am just excited to live a simpler life, you know?”

I nodded my head as I looked around the new city – trying to remember the places and roads that I would soon call home.

“Richmond IS Pawnee, Indiana – the show was made with this town in mind,” Justin said. “You’ve always said you wanted to be like Leslie Knope. Well baby, you ARE Leslie Knope now.”


Challenge accepted.

See you later, Indianapolis.

Much love,


One thought on “It’s Not Goodbye, Indianapolis

  1. Absolutely a wonderful post Ashley. I look forward to you guys being in Richmond again and it is always a joy and pleasure to spend time with you guys. The Siebs have always been an addition to our family and we are especially glad that you have joined our family and welcome you back home to Richmond. Best of luck in your move and Welcome to Richmond Life and boy is it a Simple Life, but the Simple life is always the better life.

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