The Good News About Storms

“Mommy, why is it getting dark outside?” Cooper asked.

“Well, buddy – it’s getting ready to rain,” I said.

“But why!?” Cooper asked.

“Because a storm is coming,” I said.

“That’s not good,” said Cooper.

“No, but you know the good news about storms?” I asked him.

He waited for my response.

“They end,” I said. “Storms always end. And the sun will always shine again.”

I smiled driving over the hills on the country road; thinking that I had just shared a valuable lesson with a toddler.

“Ok mommy,” Cooper said. “OH- Look at those cows- do you think they eat broccoli?”

Maybe the life lesson didn’t hit as deep as I thought it did.

Life has been a little stormy lately. I’ve been going through a lot of changes with my personal business. I’ve been considering new opportunities. I’ve even toying with the idea of jumping back into the corporate world.

And always on my mind, is my upcoming surgery.

It feels stormy.

It feels scary.

But as I reminded my toddler, stormy days always end.

As I sit here at Starbucks, I reminded of my massive to-do list. I have many client requests and projects to close out before surgery. But I felt the urge to write today. I want to write more here. I want to share more of my story and journey through life.


My upcoming surgery is 50% exploration and 50% fix things. They are removing my ovarian cysts, removing all the endometriosis that causes indescribable pain, and they are performing a D&C. It’s likely I’ve had miscarriages and never known – because I associated all the pain and bleeding to PCOS and endometriosis.

So here, we are…less than a week away from this surgery.

From this scary storm building on the horizon.

As I glance up at the crowded coffee shop, I see light shining in.

That’s the light I need.

The hope I need.

I am hopeful that I will feel better.

I am hopeful that I will be in less pain.

I am hopeful that I will be less anxious.

I am hopeful that I can spend one day without snuggling up with a heating pad.

I am hopeful that in a few short weeks I will begin my Iron Man 70.3 training.

I am ready to run without pain.


I am ready to be set free.

I am ready for change.

I am ready to relax more with my kid (and draw more amazing masterpieces like this)….


And I am ready for that promised sunshine.

Much love,




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