3 Things I’ve Learned through Half IronMan Training

When I first signed up for my Half IronMan last summer, I didn’t think much about it. That sounds a little crazy when I look back. The decision was as impulsive as the boutique t-shirts I ordered last week.

I was following posts and stories from inspiring women from Betty Badass Designs, a triathlon apparel company for women. I submitted my story and name in to choose as one of the “Betty’s” for that training season.

I wasn’t picked. It broke my heart a little.

But I felt empowered to take my triathlon training to the next level.

My Aunt Deb believed in me and told me she’d sign up for Half IronMan with me! Without a glance into a training schedule or a second thought, I signed up.

Yesterday, I went on the radio at 101.7 The Point to talk about race week and how I feel heading into the big race. You can listen to my segment here (around minute 23 via the Monday, July 24, 2017 podcast).

I have learned so much during my training.

I have cried.

I have laughed.

I have fallen down.

I have slowed down.

I remember coming home after a 53 mile bike ride and tossing myself on the cool, hardwood floor. And I proceeded to question how could I POSSIBLY run 13.1 miles after a bike ride like that.

But that was months ago.

And today, I know how I can do it.

Because I believe that I can.

Because I don’t doubt myself.

Because I’ve filled my circle and soul with the MOST supportive people ever.

Without a doubt, this training was tough. I am a mom and a wife. I work full-time as Marketing Manager for a company that was recently acquired. I am a Social Media Instructor on the side and enjoy writing. Balancing insane training hours with working + being a mom / wife was super challenging.

I did crazy things to get my training in. One day, I was visiting my Grandma. I ran from her house to visit my parents. Then, I ran from my parent’s house to a local park for a birthday party. I did whatever I could to squeeze in my training.

I didn’t have a perfect training season.

I missed workouts because of work travel, grieving the loss of loved ones, brutal PCOS days, and even food poisoning that left me in the emergency room (THANK YOU Beth and Mom for watching Cooper for those 3 days – you are both saints)!!!!!

I have an amazing family – I love them all dearly and they’ve been so supportive of this race and watching Cooper. It’s been invaluable, honestly.

After my radio interview yesterday, I felt inspired to share a little more. So instead of writing it all out, I just spoke my heart.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your support! Every single conversation, comment, and message has pushed me further into this journey.

I can’t wait for Sunday! I’ll have my husband and mom along the course, cheering me on and encouraging me to find a way. And when I am done, I’ll FaceTime my sweet baby boy, who gives me more zest for life and hope that I can every fully express.

Much love,


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