Starting Over

How do you start over? How do make an effort to stop what you’re doing and turn the other way? 

Sometimes you have the choice to start over. Other time, it’s a forced transition. 

The last two years have been filled with many “starting over” moments. As I reflect on the past two years, these moments of “starting over” stand out: 

  • Selling our first home 
  • Moving to a new city 
  • Leaving a job and city I loved 
  • Being a stay-at-home mom 
  • Working again 
  • Losing a friend 
  • Starting my own marketing company 
  • Losing a special grandpa 
  • Losing another friend 
  • Losing another special grandpa 
  • Working for a corporate company again 
  • Having surgery 

It’s been a crazy few years. And I’ve lost my focus on writing. The passion was there, but the commitment wasn’t. I put it to the side as I tried my best to keep my head above water. 

So today, I’m staring over again. I’m making a promise to write more. To write on this blog. To write in my journal. And before bed each night, I will write about three moments of joy from that day: a tip I learned from this book (Go read this book – it also helps with starting over and kicking Option B’s butt)! 

Perhaps I will only write a few paragraphs. Maybe some days, I’ll only write a few sentences. Other days, I can focus on my book! 

Either way, I’m ready to invest in writing again. Sometimes, starting over is the best thing you can do. 

Now, I’m off to the Indiana State Fair with my crew. 

Much love, 


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