The Night We Met

Cooper loves stories. 

And one of his favorite stories is how I met his daddy.

“Well, mommy was with her friends walking to a birthday party. I saw a boy on the steps. I told him my name and said that he shouldn’t ever forget it. A few hours later, I asked him to play a game with me (beer pong). We made a great team and won the game (we made the same cup, at the same time, to win the game). And I told him he was my soulmate! And we’ve been together ever since…” 

Tomorrow marks 11 years since that day. 

The night we met. 

Those first words on those steps. 

The same steps he proposed at 3 years later. 

Things weren’t always easy. 

I can be messy and selfish. So can he (but I’m definitely the messier one). 

But he’s never left my side. 
He’s been there for every major moment in my adult life. The good, the bad, the happy, and the sad. 

I will be forever thankful for that night we met. 

The days and years that followed. 

The lessons we’ve learned. 

The love we’ve shared. 

And the sweet boy we made. ❤️

Here is a flashback to our first year together. Marriage isn’t easy. We aren’t perfect. It takes work – every single day. 

But I will always work hard – when I know he looks at me the same way he did 11 years ago. 

Much love, 


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